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37 Replies to “funny but stupid”

  1. Oh I had a bunch of random footage around and had to try out the new movie trailer option in Imovie 11. The pump track goes all the way around my house. It’s like a nascar pump track

  2. great pump track, very cool. I also clicked through to your website and my photographer girlfriend gives you props.

  3. i have so many videos of dominic i want to make into one big video but i don’t have the skillz or the patience. nice work. i love the smoke break part the best. i linked it up on facecrack for ya. funny shit.

  4. Minibikes have to be about the lamest and most annoying thing ever. Really, consideration for others who may read this comment is the only thing preventing me from delivering a full-on rant here. I just can’t stand the damned things. They set me off, and I don’t know why. But however lame minibikes are, that pump track is at least twenty times as cool. Wonder if Mrs. Joe would let me build one in the backyard if I promise to plant some flowers and shit too.

    Ohyeah, and that’s some ace cinematography and editing. You shot that?

  5. good shit caveman. suggestion on your website Bio: change “fighting” to “fisting”. that’s how I read it first (what does that say about me?) and it was hilarious.

  6. I’ve been talking to the wife about a p-track that would circle our entire house for over a year now. She keeps giving the stink eye and I keep trying to convince her that it would be a good thing. Now I have a visual example to help with my argument. Thank you Caveman, whoever you are.

  7. Jason, I’ve had 29 years of talking to the wife. Usually that’s just what it is-Talk.

  8. dominic just informed me that he has a mini bike at his buddy’s house. now he wants to bring it home and tear some shit up.

    AND i told him to build us a pump track like that and he said “all we gotta do is start diggin’!”. thanks caveman!

  9. i just watched it again. the way you peer at the camera as the dust settles from that scary crash makes me feel like you knew big kitchen was there, waiting, caring, eating.

  10. This could be the film to end all films. It makes want to go out and jump the Grand Canyon with my Ducati. I am deeply moved…..a masterpiece

  11. I am glad this brought joy and a good visual that pump tracks around the house are a must. It helps out with the value of the home. I’ll post some nice shots of it soon. You can ride em in the snow also- sessioned it all day yesterday.

  12. I have a mancrush on guys with black socks. And a deep gay fixation on my new awesome art. Nice pumptrack. It is important to note how important it is to continually remind one’s “better half” whilst constructing a course like this – how many flowers and decorata-ta plantations will get planted about to “disguise” if you will, such a course. It also functions well as a windbreak and snow fence.

  13. And, as Husky can attest, those big mounds of dirt are good for hiding barrels, broken stereo speakers and various other items of debris. Swing that shovel like a PUSH kid, son!

    Check this vid @ the 8 minute mark.

  14. my next course of action is to have pump the fuck track roll into bigger line to a bigger line then eventually flow into paradise (I have not a fucking clue what paradise is but I bet it will be something in that nature). This equals jumps all around my yard and no damn grass to mow- just more dirt to water.

  15. I will assist you with this endeavor. We will make the ultimate jump in a vehicle of our choosing and sell our remaining body parts on Ebay. Sail Hatan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You give me hope caveman!Lets go for a jaunt through a wildlife sanctuary on your bad motoguzzi.Do you still do daycare?