Expounding on a theme…

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So I have been thinking lately, looking at Big J’s posts on who is, and who is not a Baller (obviously, those not mentioned = not a Baller).

I have a nomination.

KC is a Baller yo...
KC is a Baller yo...

Seriously, this woman formerly from the Mid Atlantic region of the country is now, without a doubt, the hardest women’s cyclocrosser in the world today. No, she doesn’t have the rainbow stripes to prove it, but, look at almost every single race she enters. She dominates. Not only does she dominate local races around the US, she dominates over in Europe. Hell, she smoked those Euro chicks today by almost 3 minutes. 3 FUCKING MINUTES!

I hope she has her leg issues figured out for WCs this year, because once again, if she has, she is going to smoke them, and we will have our first Elite World Champion in Cyclocross from the United States, and that, my friends, would make her the Queen Baller.

Who disagrees with me? No way that you can. No way.

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16 Replies to “Expounding on a theme…”

  1. Back in my truly pathetic mountain bike racing days, did a race once in Philly, and she was there. Women’s field started like 10 minutes behind us, she passed most of the sport class like it was standing still. She was a beast then. I got chick’d once by Lyne Bessette as well in a Pro 1-2 road race. She is another hard as nails woman.

  2. Shes a straight up baller. Maybe add Connie Carpenter into that list – not many women end up with their jersey in the Ghisallo shrine.

  3. Absolute bad ass! Heard she won today while at the cross race. Even more stoked to hear that she is an animal lover. We are rooting for you all the time Katie!

  4. the lack of snark in this thread has me suicidal

    this keeps up and I’ll delete the DC bookmark, please, just one little thin mint of something cheeky!

  5. yo! yo! yo! i sent katie a link to this post and this is what she just emailed to me:

    Sweet!! That was a great nomination and everyone;s comments were amazing. I’m so lucky to have so many dedicated fans who want to see me succeed. Let’s hope I can stay healthy the rest of the season and win those rainbow stripes! My lesbian friends would be so happy to see me flying those colors.

    Thanks for the nomination!