“What’s Judi mad about this week?”

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This morning I woke up at 6am, coughing. I layed in bed, holding my pee, and coughing. I was hoping I could lay in bed a while longer, but the cough kept on, waking Dominic up about 20 minutes later.

Dominic: You know you aren’t racing tomorrow.
Me: Shut up. It’s the last race. I’m fucking racing.
Dominic: I am putting my foot down here. You coughed all night. I won’t get your bike ready. I’ll disable it so you can’t ride. How’s that.
Me: (crying). Fuck you.

I texted Coach OB. His response:

DOMINIC IS A GOOD HUSBAND! spicey, look at the big picture, it ain’t worth it.

So that’s it. Just like that, my CX season is over. Tomorrow is the Ohio State Champs and I had my DC jersey cut up to actually fit me, had planned to race in it. What a fucking bummer. I am sad. and Mad.

Exercise induced asthma is a mother fucker to get a handle on. I guess once it’s under control with the right meds, I’ll be able to get back out and red line it.

For all of you sandbaggers out there, this is for you. Watch this hilarious video on upgrading from a 4 to a 3. I am staying a 4 forever! I don’t give a fuck. Our OVCX promoter is tossing around ideas for next year, and separating the 3/4 women’s cat is an idea. Giving the 4’s their own race will no doubt bring out more new women to race.

On the recent chatter on stealing bikes, these guys have figured out a way to NOT let that happen. Try and steal a bike with their bike lock.

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And I saved the best for last. Danny’s latest in London. Thanks to Darrin for the link. At 1:26 flexin’ muscles. I can only imagine what his abs look like. Dude is fucking RAD and HOT.

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31 Replies to ““What’s Judi mad about this week?””

  1. don’t dig yourself in a deeper hole by racing. there’s a ton of races waiting for you.

    i think some thief would climb the pole / bring a ladder to get the bike. lotta time on your hands to make that lock, pole climbing, thing…

  2. Hey, look after yourself Judi. Thanks for the Danny vid, he always puts a smile on my face

  3. Allergy-induced asthma is as bad. Imagine a perfect spring day and you go for a ride. You’re fit, and in relatively decent shape.

    Then the trees attack you with their evil asexual reproductive pollen-shit. Perfect day to ride, but you can’t fucking breathe, even on flats.

    You have my sympathy, judi. Get better and ride later.

  4. Also, CONRAD is like Radio Shack on steroids AND blood doping. You wanna build it yourself? They have it. RC cars, LED’s make your own headlights or a new motherboard to fit inside that old 5litre beer keg you have lying around?

    Yup. It’s a commercial for an electronics shop.

    funny idea though.

  5. I was given some excellent perspective the other day when contemplating races for 2011 and my current state of affairs…”racing will always be around. It’s not going anywhere. Take care of yourself, get your shit in line. And then race.” it’ll feel weightless to have the breathing stuff under control. Take care of yourself.

  6. Judi,

    I battled exercise induced asthma for two years. Finally got it balanced out with meds that worked well but did not cure. Finally found myself at an acupuncturist and after 4 sessions was cured–7 years strong now. I was very skeptical but it worked great and I have since found out that acupuncture is effective in curing adult onset asthma of all kinds 80-90% of the time. I hope you give it a shot, its definitely worth it.

  7. @wyatt, YES i did acupuncture last week and will be going back next week for more. ive actually been getting needles stuck in me once a month for 4 years, just for stuff like PMS, and anxiety, or back pain, etc. i just hope it works on my coughing affliction.

  8. So, back in my own racing days on the road, I did a weekend of races with a severe to bad cold, and raced OK. On Monday though, I was in the doc’s office, and a few chest x-rays later, he was telling me I had pneumonia. Couldn’t race for the next few weeks cause of that, and ruined what was left of the season.

    When tired, or ill, just take a short break. Go out for a walk or something, or even just a really super easy ride for like an hour. Don’t push it, and get better. I learned something valuable that weekend.

  9. Dominic is a keeper.
    Smart fella.
    Seriously, I raced at PIR Crusade last year when I had no business going outside. I was totally ignoring my body’s signals — chills, shakes, gut aching-warning-impending-Crohn’s-flareup) —

    (Cue miniature robot from Lost In Space, waving arms and bleating, “Danger! Will Robinson!” DANGER!”)

    — and managed to eke out one freezing, painful lap before throwing my bike down at the side of the finish line and ducking into the bushes near the officials’ table to puke my guts up.
    When I was done, I came out, told the officials I was DNF’g, then ran back into the bushes.
    Finally, I was able to drag my bike off the course, change clothes and go home.
    Worst racing day of my life. I should’ve stayed home. I was too proud (and too cheap — “But I paid for the race already! That’s twenty bucks!”).
    Sometimes your body sends messages you don’t want to hear.
    Good on you for listening. Stay home and work it out to race another day.
    Hugs –B

  10. Hope the needles work out for you Judi. If they don’t I hear some of the kids are using clenbuterol for this kind of thing these days, or maybe is was for something else…

  11. There is some interesting work with hookworms and asthma (among other things). Also, when I stopped consuming dairy products all aspects of phlegm and snot bubbles went away. Good luck on beating the cough!

  12. I have/had asthma, sufficiently bad to force me to take a breathing brak going up ONE flight of stairs. So the doctors do what doctors do, and I was doped from age 8 to about 16… Untill one doc told me (age 12) that I was old enought to fight it – or stay on the dope.

    I managed to wean myself by doing what you should not/too fucking hard to do to do when astmatic: sports like running, basketball, mountain biking; snorkeling etc etc… And when you lungs say NO, just push harder. Show your trachea mucus system who is da boss.

    You can dominate Asthma, but its fucking hard work. But I can say I took my last Becotide when I was 17 and my last Ventoline when I was 18. No more a doper.

    People who have good lungs don’t know their luck.

  13. Then it’s not cheating, it’s, er, “providing the interns with insights into power structures” or something.

  14. thats a decent wager.. I’d figured it was like 20 bones or something. For that, I’d just pry the whole ‘f’ type up off the keyboard and be done with it.

  15. If you have the time and cash to travel, you can always pick up a weekend of cx down south…Georgia wraps up this weekend and Texas has a double header weekend in Dallas the 18th-19th.

    Or you can just say fuck it and aim for next year…

  16. Leave it to the Germans to make a bike lock that includes an explosive device. Try that in USA and you find yourself in beautiful Guantanamo Bay.