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28 Replies to “Sick mix.”

  1. this just makes me love DC even more! :)

    I’m a big Girl Talk fan; been listening to “All Day” non-stop since he dropped it back on the 15th. Saw him live in Amsterdam in ’09, great show!

    here’s a link the previous album from 2008, “Feed The Animals”, which might even be better:


    and the mashup geeks even made mashed videos for all the tracks:

  2. I’m so impressed I’m even listening to it again right now while I duece-cast some comments!

    We need more music rotation on DC if only to save the Gnome from his general lameness.

    Here’s to kick’n new flavor in ya ear!

  3. Sorry couldn’t listen to it, Apple doesn’t do Flash… I will check them out though, I hear they’re pretty awesome.

  4. Apple won’t do Flash ? Huh ?

    Oh. Yea. You mean the iPhone. Yea Apple sucks big time there.

    MacBook it runs just fine. I’ve listened to the whole thing 3 times already. Downloaded and about to burn it for a road trip tomorrow.

    Perfect timing.

  5. Apple’s position is— and they’re quite correct, if slightly hypocritical (1)— Flash is a proprietary standard in a world where proprietary standards mean schlurping mega-billion dollar corporate cock.

    Sure, M$FT and Intel got away with it for quite a while, but it’s a business model whose time has gone. The latest build of Windoze runs on a fucking telephone and the seers would have us believe that the M$FT Office franchise is in free-fall.

    (1) Apple still hews to a proprietary standard for compressed music it sells in its market-dominating iTunes store. I have never purchased a single track there, nor do I expect to.

  6. I usually prefer to listen to one song at a time. If it’s good it can stand on its own. If it sucks all the mixie-matchie in the world won’t do it one iota of good. But that’s just my preferance.

  7. @gnome, that was freaky. i’d see him live. bet there’s a whole bunch of x floatin’ around that show. kinna like rave music back in the day.