I’m jumping out of my skin.

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My first ‘cross race of the season is Saturday. It’s really just a practice race for the OVCX series opener on Sunday. No points for Saturdays race, but it’s good practice for me. I am looking forward to a sufferfest.

Last year’s popular format of a non-points “pre-season” race on Saturday followed by the season-opener for the 15-race Zipp OVCX series on Sunday will return.

The venue for the races is Kingswood Park just north of Cincinnati. A former golf course, the property is now a Deerfield Township park and has a perfect viewing “stand” atop a hill in the middle of the park.

One new aspect of the race will be the new “Sha-Zand” obstacle, an inclined, hill-side sand section that keeps changing shape.

I have been practicing on this course a lot in the last few weeks and I do not like the ‘Sha-Zand’. The kids can get through it just fine, but me? Not so much. I fall down. Or try to get off my bike and run. I fully expect a beatdown. Bring it bitches.

Sunday we fly westward for Interbike. And a marriage license. We’re staying in Boulder City, where the outdoor demo is, for two nights. Then we’ll be at the Venetian for two nights. Gotta do it up right yo. Hit me up if you know anyone who can loan us some beater bikes we can ride to the chapel on. That would be rad.

In other news….

I found my team for 2011. This is one of the founders, Sam, AKA Brass Knuckles.
Picture by Jeff Jakucyk

I met with Sam and Max from BSM Cycling the other night. Total opposite of Kenda. NON sponsored. We sat around for close to two hours bullshitting about cycling and racing. They drank Christian Moerlein and I drank G2. We all clicked. They totally made me laugh and seemed to be the anti-douche bags of racing in this area. Plus they have exquisite taste in bikes. I had to wipe the drool off the floor after seeing at Sam’s commuter bike (a lugged steel Colnago, sick sick sick).

This time last year I was so fucking worried about being on a team. I hated being the only one w/o a kit when I raced CX. I felt so stupid and out of place. Now I realize how silly that was. Kenda has been a great learning experience but I think BSM will be a better fit for 2011.

This is Chris. He is Pedaling for Peace across the country.

chris pfp

Chris is riding his bike from Philly to CA. He stayed at my friend Susan’s house (via couchsurfing.org) and Dominic came down and worked on his bike. When I asked Chris why he was riding across the US, he said “to just, tell people to chill out”. You can check him out at Pedaling for Peace and he’s also on Facebook. Give him a shout out. And if you have a couch he can stay on, be sure to hook yourself up on couchsurfing.org.

This link is hysterical if you want to see a bunch of female triathletes trying to jump on their bikes at the same time. A few look like they have perfect CX remounts. Some look like, well, I can’t believe I am saying this – like triathletes. Notice how they already have their shoes attached to the bikes. I always wondered about that.

This video is for Gnome. When I saw it on Facebook I immediately thought “this is something Gnome will dig”.

Video is from The Adenture Life.

Have a great weekend.

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7 Replies to “I’m jumping out of my skin.”

  1. Yeah man, I have one of those. It’s still in the garage, I just checked. Good thing too.. Big Pun welded the frame back together on that fucker a year or two ago. Not safe at all, especially if you want to ride it.

  2. @oly, the PFP link is down, i just checked it. he is on facebook too but right now he’s riding his bike in KY somewhere. cool dude for sure.

  3. Congrats to you two on getting one of those licenses, I’ve enjoyed being licensed for just about 11 yrs now. Cheers!