Hello shit, meet fan

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Grab some popcorn, sit back and watch the fireworks as the fallout from Pappsmear is starting to take effect. The latest rider to come clean is non other than Jonathon Chodroff of Jelly Belly. I think Burt Hoovis called this one months ago…

DoperJonathan Chodroff has admitted to buying and using erythropoietin (EPO) in early 2007 and has been given a two-year sanction by USADA. The American, who rode for Jelly Belly in 2010, purchased the doping product online through a store run by Joe Papp before turning professional in 2009.

“I’m not a shady character,” he added. “I’m easy to talk to and amiable I hope that people realize I’m not a bad person but that I just made a bad choice which I’m trying to make amends for.”- Jaggoff Chodroff

more over at CyclingNews.com

While I applaud him for his honesty and not taking the “tainted supplement” route or denying by means of some other bullshit excuse, I feel that he’s a fucking hack, cheat and liar. On behalf of all the clean competitors who’ve raced against you the following seasons, “Fuck You.”

It also would appear that this snowball is just picking up steam and rolling down the hill. Who else will emerge? Former Rock Racing rider Oscar Sevilla returned a positive test in competition this week for a blood expander. We know that Papp also supplied juice to at least one former Rock Racing douche…Kayle? Michael Ballsack was previously subpoenaed and it’s only a matter of time before some connection emerges between Papp, Hamilton, and the other Rock clowns. Just saying…

Papp has been active on Twitter. On August 19, following stage 2 of the Tour of Utah, Papp wrote, “Jonathan Mccarty, don’t worry, you were really 5th today in Utah. Or at least you will be.”McCarty had finished sixth on that stage behind Levi Leipheimer, Francisco Mancebo, Ian Boswell, Darren Lill and Phil Zajicek.

On August 11, Papp wrote on Twitter, in consecutive messages, “Seriously – if you think you were on ‘my list’ I urge you turn yourself in, b/c there’s little chance of leveraging something later. Try to dissuade ADA (anti-doping agencies) from applying an increased sanction by admitting your anti-doping violation as soon as you’re confronted with it…” [VeloNews.com]

The shit is starting to hit the fan!

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14 Replies to “Hello shit, meet fan”

  1. 2 year sanction is not enough, should be a minimum of 5 years. racing a bike is a privilege not a right. Plus these guys (I’m sure there are many more to come) should have to pay back any winnings and pro racers should have to pay back salary since they essentially defrauded their teams, who i am sure claim to have known nothing of it. stiffen up the financial penalties.

    tip of the iceberg!

  2. Living in Tucson and having the opportunity to ride with several pros who come here to train, Jon is one of the nicest I’ve met. Most road pros take smug to a new level; not Jon. He even recently gave me some TT advice… but failed to mention the importance of adding a little ‘enhancement’. This news bums me out, but after witnessing him ride off the front of the shootout each and every week, it makes sense. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  3. 2 years is plenty! Those douche pro football and baseball players get WEEKS, not years.
    Sure, guys that dope are dicks and cheats, but they are doing to chase a dream and $40k a year. Have you seen A-Fraud’s salary lately?

    As for the Masters guys who dope, if you need that stuff to beat a guy with kids who trains 10-12 hours a week, then you can have it. It says more about you than the guy who finishes 15th…

    Some of the guys down here in the S.E. are probably sweating big, hairy bullets right now!

  4. Looking at the Jelly Belly website, in 2007 he won the Fitchburg Classic stage race overall – in the cat 3’s! The CN article states he started using EPO in EARLY 2007. Doping to win a cat 3 race.

    Oh, and his motto from the Jelly Belly website: “Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.”

    And, frankly, I’m tired of the whole “well, Jon Chodroff/Tyler Hamilton/etc. are nice guys…” Bullshit. If you dope, you lose your claim to being a “good” or “nice guy.”

  5. we can all bash on Mr. chodroff, but clearly, Jelly Belly the team was not involved. through this whole mess thats about to happen lets try to draw lines of those who are asses and those who are consistently trying to do the right thing. if we lump everyone in professional cycling into one pile then the sport has little hope.

  6. …i’d have to believe that over the last 15, 20 years, while domestic teams may have made overtures to their riders about not standing for any drug use whatsoever, that it’s been a case of the ol’ “don’t ask, don’t tell”

    …& because we’re talking drugs, not sexual preference, then no, the ol’ “not that there’s anything wrong w/ that” does not apply…

    …just sayin’…

  7. I remember meeting Jon at the shootout. He put in s solo 25 mile effort once we crossed the road and shit got hot. We didn’t see him until we hit the top of the hill where he was waiting. What a crock of shit. Don’t worry about Jon, he always has his degree from Yale to fall back on.

  8. Word, Dave.

    When you cheat you cheat more than yourself.

    You cheat your teammates.

    You cheat the people you compete against.
    You cheat your fans.
    You cheat your emplpoyer.

    You cheat your sponsors.

    You’ve robbed people of spots on teams and at races that you took illegally. You robbed people of resources spent on your development that could’ve furthered the career of a clean racer. Tell me Mr.Chodroff how does that not make you a bad guy? You are the definition of a bad guy and a collosal PA for not being man enough to admit it.

  9. …while i have to agree with your comments about cheating, guys, chodroff & any other names that may come to light through the ‘papp smear’ will always have “ya, but…” supporters, (kinda like i am w/ the ‘uni-baller’) but i gotta say i’ve NEVER, EVER heard even one good word uttered about joe ‘fucking’ papp…not one…

    …guy even looks the weasely douche he sounds like in articles…it’s interesting but at least in anything i’ve read, people interviewed who knew him or raced with him dislike & vilify the guy, every fucking time…

    …i’ll bet he craves relishes every little bit of attention & notoriety he receives through this usada investigation…

    …i’ve even wondered if travis tygart & the usada set him up with a chinese drug company connection to see if & who he could draw into a snare…lotta ‘potential cheats’ out there might not have known where to look for the juice without papp’s ‘help’

    …i used to think it would be interesting to have the inside skinny to some of these situations but nowadays, it’s so constant it just “is what it is”

  10. We were gifted the VOS leader’s jersey autographed by Jon and his mates in 2009 when he won as a “thank you” for hosting them…for a long time it’s been proudly displayed…time to come down. Bummer.