Betsy Andreu speaks

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Velonation has a piece up on Betsy Andreu. It is worth your time.

VN: What factored into your decision to take on someone like Lance Armstrong, and what motivates you to keep going?

BA: We didn’t decide to “take him on”. We decided not to lie for him. I guess that could be construed for “taking him on” especially when you see what the ramifications have been.

As a child, I was always raised that you can’t compromise your integrity, that the truth is always important.

Read the rest:

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10 Replies to “Betsy Andreu speaks”

  1. The more I read, the more I feel dumb for owning “It’s not about the bike”.

    For the record, Betsy is an awesome person, and I am glad this shit is coming to the surface.

  2. …betsy sez “thanks for the support, guys, but you little deviant’s get nothing…my husband is a big t.v. star…well, at least 22 days a year, uh, in july”

    …actually, despite the dichotomy of being both a fan of the “ol’ uniballer’, as a cyclist, cancer survivor & ‘figurehead’ & yet also a fan of truth & disclosure in cycling w/ the hope it might become an “honest sport” , i gotta admire betsy-a for having the courage of her convictions while under attack by the bank of lawyers & spin-sters that have constantly tried to discredit her…

    …strong chick…believes in herself & the truth, so big props to you betsy-a…

    …now, about that plump little muffin of yours…be glad to put a little ‘icing’ on it, for ya, girl…

    …just sayin’…