Biker Down

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San Bernardino police are looking for a driver who struck and killed a bicyclist Friday.

Lauretta Jean Romo, 43, of San Bernardino, died at the scene near the corner of Highland and Davidson avenues at 12:42 a.m., San Bernardino County coroner’s officials said.

Romo was riding a mountain bike west in an eastbound lane on Highland when a vehicle heading east struck her.

The driver did not stop for the crash.

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15 Replies to “Biker Down”

  1. …update…

    …cops followed a fluid trail from the drivers car which was busted up at the accident scene, straight to the local ‘jack-in-the-box’…guy had moved on but there he was on video, pickin’ up dinner…nice…

    …they know who he is but as of 10:00pm left coast time they hadn’t apprehended him…29 years old & on a fed robbery charge probation…

    …read it for yourself & decide but the rider wasn’t exactly showing the best judgment on her side of this equation, either…

  2. Ride with traffic.. accidents will always happen as long as there are careless, unattentive drivers allowed to own vehicles, but in my opinion, with better judgement from the rider, this one could possibly have been avoided.

    regardless… prayers and strength to her family and friends. saddens me everytime one of these is posted.

  3. Sad for the family, and thoughts out to her. And, no one deserves this – at all. Period. Hope they catch the guy – and it looks like he is known to the CA criminal justice system. Sounds like he will eventually get nabbed.

    Looking at a map, not sure how good an idea it is to ride against traffic, in a lane of traffic, in downtown San Bernardino, a half a block away from the 215 on-ramp, after midnight. And, dark clothes and no light. Google maps shows a sidewalk, so why would you want to go head-on with traffic on a major 4 lane arterial road?

    Again, sad for the loss to the family, and no one deserves this. But, I bet about 0.1% of DC readers would themselves feel good if they made this chain of riding decisions. The other 99.9% would say, “holy crap, this is a stupid place to be, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing. Revise plan – quick!”

    Just my opinion – worth what you paid for it. So, fire away at me, ye Mateys!

  4. Dark clothes.

    No light.

    Wrong way.

    Does NOT not mitigate the fact that this worthless scum hit a human being and left her for dead. Hangin’s too good for him.

  5. …hmmm…another update…another twist…

    …apparently the supposed original driver/suspect turned himself into police & has been cleared…

    …& yes, while it goes without saying that no one deserves to get hit by a vehicle & then left for dead, it also goes without saying that if you’re riding a bike at night in this day & age, using the tiniest bit of common sense can be a life saver…

    …less than $20 bucks offers you the opportunity to be visible…after that it’s up to the drivers & whatever deity you believe in but that may be the best $20 cycling investment you make in your life…

  6. Sounds like both may have been under the infulence. Chances are if you are a drive and hit some one like that and you stay at the scene you will be cleared. That is why we have leaving the scene of the accident is a crime. If the driver is cleared he perhaps waited until he was sober to deal with the issue. It should cost him something.

    Where I live we are trying to educate cyclists to ride with traffic through information, signs posted in bike lanes (can be read only if you are going the wrong way) and police enforcement, even if just a warning and for light laws also.

    Tragic consequences. We can’t protect every body from the consequences of their own actions.

  7. Again-and try to pay attention this time, Ralph-It doesn’t matter if the cyclist was fallingdowndrunk. The piece of shit hit her and left her for dead. And I’ll say it again-Hangin’s too good for him.

  8. …wow, nice logic, triplef…

    …drunk or not, you’re talking about (1) a car vs a bike (2) leaving someone dead or dying…

    …hey…i’ll pay whenever you’d like to have ‘insensitive moron’ tatted on your forehead…

  9. bgw, I got a propane torch, a Dremel tool and a nice assortment of chisels. All would be ideal for the project you propose.

  10. Spce heater, please go away. Never ever come back. And if you could die slowly, preferably in a grotesquely gruesome and painful way, that would be great.