Interbike 2011

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The Anaheim rumor was real.

Interbike, the largest US bicycle trade show, will be held in Anaheim, CA, starting next year. The event has been held in Las Vegas since 1998, and will be again starting in a few weeks to coincide with CrossVegas.

According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, the 2011 show will begin Aug. 1st, a change meant to better coincide with consumer purchasing habits. The two-day Outdoor Demo is scheduled for Irvine Regional Park, and will move indoors to the 815,000 square foot Anaheim Convention Center Aug. 3-5.

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14 Replies to “Interbike 2011”

  1. Will miss vegas , eventhough it wasnt the best place for it.. Anaheim is worse. Oh well it’s still bike porn and thats prety cool.

  2. …i don’t sell ‘rumors’

    …i stated it was going to be anaheim or salt lake city…

    …i also stated it would be moved to early august for the above reasons…

    …thank you…you’ve verified…it’s anaheim…it’s august…

  3. Vegas sucks a mile of Gila-monster dong. Better you should stay at home, drink booze you can afford, ride with your friends and sleep in your own bed. You can always set a carton of smokes ablaze nearby should you desire an authentic Vegas experience.

    I did Interbike at Anaheim a couple of times, or at least I’m told I did. I wrote about it as though I’d been there, anyway, and some folks swore they saw me. But some people have claimed to see Jesus in a tortilla.

    I vaguely remember being able to ride a road bike on the road in Anaheim, and crossing intersections in pedestrian crosswalks without first displaying a firearm to encroaching drivers. There were SOPWAMTOS parades. A Los Lobos concert. Or did I dream it?

    Of course, I haven’t been back since 1997. It could be a guy these days has to chopper in with 50s locked and loaded, plenty of air support and arty in reserve.

    But at least it isn’t fuckin’ Vegas.

  4. …wow, patrick…“…sucks a mile of gila-monster dong” !!!…

    …would that be a sentiment or did i miss another big, flashy vegas stage-show production number at caesars last time around ???…

    …i should a’ known that $20 ‘erotic massage’ would leave me in a back alley with no wallet & my pants around my ankles…


  5. The older I get , the less Vegas I have in me…..wait. Wrong t -shirt.
    True Vegas sucks but do they have a Spearmint Rhino in Anaheim… Wait. It is about the bikes.It will be good for us married types that have not had a good table dance in about 8 years….

  6. HUMPTY less than a mile away is Flamingos full nude bar and equidistance away is Fritz strip bar.

  7. Anaheim sucks but is better then Vegas.(I’ve lived and worked in both places.)

    Last year at I.B. I spent the majority of my free time being chased by overzealous c-grade streetwalkers as I wandered from casino to casino at 2am looking for food that didn’t come from a vending machine.

    Vegas has it’s place but it’s not someplace I want to associate my bike with.

    A fun fact though, there is a hotel( on Harbor Blvd.) in Anaheim that has a beer vending machine.

  8. SPearmint Rino? Dude if you are going there you are a tool.

    Crazyhorse II will be missed.

    OK vegas sucks but where are they going to do the outdoor or “outerbike”?

    I have leads to the best strip joints in OC so hit me up