About 40 Hands

A fan of riding bikes with one gear, malt liquor, riding without knowing how many miles I’ve covered, and strip clubs that let you bring your own keg. I typically have a stupid grin on my face, it is because deep down I know that no matter what, my mom thinks I’m cool. Denver, Colorado, USA

7 Replies to “High Cascades Prep”

  1. …ohh…& good luck on the ‘cades 100…

    …hope ya make it back with all 40 hands intact…

  2. Can someone kindly explain why they’d want to ride a tall bike or penny farthing? I guess maybe I understand the novelty of cruising around the block, but actually going for a ride??

    If you don’t have something to lean against for stopping, mounting and dismounting – such as at at stoplight – do you risk toppling over?

    There is a guy here in Denver who rides a giant penny farthing on the bike path, but must duck to keep from hitting his head on all the overpasses. It seems to me he just wants people to point and say “Wow, that’s an unusual means of transportation! What a unique individual!”

    I’m sure I look like an asshole for writing this. I just don’t understand.