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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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  1. Everytime little little man lands, I get a nut-ache.
    Can you get him some dam foot-pegs????!!!!!

  2. it’s just a matter of time. he’s gonna find spray paint &/or chicks eventually, and won’t be seen on the trail til he’s been kicked out of the public school system, gone to teenage rehab, and tought how to true wheels for a living.

    see ya, lil’ punter. live la vida broka.

  3. Specialized Hotwalks are tight, but no brake capability.

    Something to ponder if you live on a hill (unless your tot has a shoe sponsor)

    wish they made ’em with 26 in. wheels

  4. Well, I ain’t no Jens Voight, but I can still do one thing LA can’t…

    scratch my nuts

  5. …damn !!!…give scooter there some pedals & see what happens once he discovers the ol’ leg fueled momentum…

    …inertia city, little dude…fucking intertia city…you are a ripper…

  6. My 3 year old boy rocks the hot walk, I keep the shoe goo handy for “brake tune ups”
    The bike in this vid is a mullet suspension, rigid up front all party in the rear.

  7. @albertoe No. 2, I hear ya. My nuts were killing me after watching lil man. Maybe it’s a good thing his nuts haven’t dropped yet? Fugger won’t be able to reproduce after too many more of those drops

  8. impressive, but that kid needs to look for traffic before riding into the street.

  9. Who the hell needs water bottles when one can just dip a hand in the creek? Brilliant! I just broke a cage, aint got seben-fitty, going hand dippin’

  10. Wow – I just hand dipped some beer. Funner than shit. Tastes like beer and grips.

  11. Whoa. That is some tradeoff: Give up grandkids so your son can be a youtube star. It took me more years than that kid has been around to build up my diamond plate taint.

  12. Y’all need to look more closely.

    The contraption is rear sprung AND he takes all the hits with his feet. Look at the leg extension; he can get several inches of stand over whenever he wants it.

    That kid rips.

  13. a 4 year old commuting on his own in the street without brakes and drinking straight from the river ?
    He’ll disapear, get run over or die of giardia.

    Cool vid though

  14. we put brakes on the specialized hotwalk. all you need is a shitty u-brake. there is a pic of one in the fan photos on http://tinyurl.com/seasidecycle (its facebook) to see the pick of the one we did for our friend john’s boy. did his first race wednesday on it. was sick. its real easy to do.great vid.

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