Tuesday with Dirty: Makin’ Moves

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I’m making some moves. Not in the corny late 90’s way but in the super lame, moving my apartment way. I decided to sacrifice my weekend to getting it all done now, eventhough I don’t have to be out until the first of the month. I have always taken great pride in being able to move all of my belongings in one, overstuffed pick-up truck load. I have in fact moved across the country twice now and that is all I have taken with me each time. This is the longests I have been at one address since I left my parents nest 15 years ago. Its been a good run, but its time for a change.  It seems I have accumulated some shit over the past 3 years because this move took 5 truckloads. I’m ok with it though, since 1 load was ALL bikes and two others were gear and tools. I actually sat there for a moment admiring the truck overflowing with all of my rides. From my BMX to my corporate mainstrem full suspension bike and all the others down to my trusty old townie. These goddman toys consume my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 I have been on 3 rides the past three days and they have been nothing short of amazing. The kind of rides where the legs feel perfect, you hit every line smooth, and just smile the entire time. Sure it would be easier on me to start moving every day at dawn when it isn’t 110 degrees out. But those trails were lonely and it was my duty to keep them company. A man has to have priorities in life.

Hey! did you guys celebrate Wiener Day? No? Did you hear how Cadel broke his elbow and then started crying….again. The tour got blown apart today and I can’t wait to pedal my new route to the bar later and watch it. Next week should be back to normal fun-filled stories of travel and mischief, but until then…keep it dirty!

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6 Replies to “Tuesday with Dirty: Makin’ Moves”

  1. No, definitely Snoop Dog.

    Every line smooth. That’s gotta be one of the best feelings in the world. What it’s all about.
    Nice job. You gotta REALLY want it in this heat.