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It’s raining outside and I am waiting for it to let up a tad before I set out for another day of intervals. OB has started my CX training which means SHORT and HARD workouts. I love it. I’ve dropped 6lbs without even trying.

It’s my week of PMDD and the mood swings come and go, furiously. People tiptoe around me. Dominic calls me “Precious” and “Honey” and “Baby” hoping whatever he says doesn’t ignite a slew of obscenities thrown at him out of nowhere. This shit just gets worse with age too. Damn, it’s a fucking BITCH turning 40. It’s even worse if you’re a female. Thank god for Xanex.

PMS zone

I keep saying I am done with road racing and then I go and commit to another race. Tomorrow starts the Devou Park Summer Race Series. There’s a women’s cat 3/4 race but they kind of throw us in with the juniors. Just like in CX. That’s always fun, trying not to cuss around the kids. It’s even worse when they pass you and say “Excuse me maam”. It’s a 30 minute ballstothewall kind of race. Here’s the description of the course:

The course will be a challenging 1-mile loop in beautiful Devou Park. It starts with a flat straight section before you hit the 180 degree turn to start the decent. At the bottom of the decent you’ll have a sweeping right hander into the climb. The climb itself is winding with some rough pavement. Once you reach the top, it’s a short sprint the last couple of hundred feet to the finish line.

Seriously though? Fuck this road bike. I want to get dirty. I am getting stoked my for second season of CX. My CX bike is going to be out of commission for the next couple of weeks. Dominic is in the process of breaking it down to paint. I’ll have to ride my MTB. I’ve been disappointed in the mountain biking thing this summer. The trails have been closed for so long, the only time we get to ride them is if it’s bone fucking dry. My visions of mud splattering rides across creeks and shit are pretty much dead.

Here is a RAD video of my friend Ben Popper from this past weekend:
Flickr Video
More rad pics here by Karen Bean.

The rain is pretty much done, so I gotta go ride. I’ll leave you with my favorite Motorhead song. Turn this shit up!

YouTube Preview Image
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10 thoughts on “PMDD, PMS, PPS, FTW

  1. your pmdd rants are good stuff (it always makes me think of my pmdd alkie pal who gets all terrified and craves booze). congrats on 40 too. when’s ya birthday?

  2. i’ve always been so confused about this, both the PMDD and the not riding mountain bikes on muddy trails business. it’s a fucking mountain bike with big knobby shit flinging tread for fuck’s sake! get that bitch dirty! as for your PMDD, i’m not even going to try.

  3. I sold the wheels off my road bike so it wouldn’t get ridden- it’s only dirt these days. I think way too much on the road and too much of a hate machine to deal with cars.

  4. The road is full of bleak attitude because the game is won by the player who can most effectively fuck over the others. That’s a pretty negative experience unless you happen to be the winner winner of the chicken dinner. It’s the art of war in its own right.

    Stick to the dert. The PMSPPDDM wont be so bad then.

    Just say’n.

  5. “the game is won by the player who can most effectively fuck over the others”

    i have never read more truer words. that might have to go on the sidebar on my own blog gnomer. it’s so true in REAL LIFE, and in the game of road racing.

  6. You know, $40 and about an hour at the end of a pier with a beat up BMX bike will turn your life around. Come on up to Chicago, we’ll head up north and jump in the lake. That was seriously probably the most I have enjyed a bike in close to 10 years.

  7. @ben, you and dominic gotta have a session SOON. maybe at the outdoor demo in vegas. i hear you’ll be there for work.

  8. Getting to Cat 2 before giving up road racing for more healthy activities – like Russian Roulette with an automatic, you speak the god’s honest truth, Gnome.

    And “on yer left, ma’am”.

  9. just got this update on facebook for one of my favorite trails:

    “Trails are CLOSED. NWS radar estimates indicate between 3/4 to 1 inch of rain fell today on the trails. This has made the trail surfaces wet and muddy.”

    That’s when I want to ride them dammit! WET AND MUDDY! jesus fuck.