I hate her.

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You go get 'em
You go get 'em

Every time I hear Sarah Palin speak, I want to throw things.  There’s a whole lot of crazy people with money who are already planning on making this crazy christian wing nut MILF our next president.

I’d take Alvin Greene or a re-up of the old bomber.  Janet Neapolitan ice cream. Even John McFuckstick as he ages further.  Anyone but HER.  Gawd. STORY HERE.

A stampede of pink elephants?  Oh you mean the fat fuck nation?  This is scary.  This is surreal.  This is possible.

If this crazy bitch, who couldn’t handle being governor of Alaska, ends up our next president (shudder) I’m going to go away, I’ll leave, I’ll join China like my ex girlfriend Hannah did when Bush came in.  I’ll get a Toyota hilux pickup and join the Taliban.  I’ll become ‘comrade jar’ and enjoy my tiny apartment, government rations, and free health care.

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Umm.. there is beer in this video.

Laugh now, because we may not be in November twenty whenever.


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48 Replies to “I hate her.”

  1. Everyone hates Sarah Palin, LJ. Everyone that’s not a right wing douchebag
    Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen to moderate or middle of the road politics in a long time. She’s so far to the right she energizes normal people. Have you ever seen Palin supporters? I have.

    When she spoke at a Tea-Party rally in Boston this past April, there were as many counterprotesters/crashers as tea baggers. We crashed their party and ridiculed them relentlessly. All the best signs were anti-Palin/teabagger.

    That’s me #21 impersonating a Tea bagger. I fooled no one.

    I hope the whack job Wasilla hillbilly runs for president. Not a chance in the world she’ll get elected. Romney is the one I worry about. He’s slick and dangerous

  2. Dude, I wouldn’t bet your pennies on that. If every fat bitch (including males) rides their Lincolns, EZ cartsm and mowers to the booth and votes for her, she could win. Then you’ll see “I never thought I would miss BUSH” bumper stickers.

  3. @3rd place I’ve seen plenty of those “I never thought I would miss Bush” bumper stickers on all the cars parked in front of the local gay bars.

  4. …nice, tony !!!…

    …’sarah palin/paris hilton – the bimbo party‘…

    …now there, are two political candidates i’d be willing to get behind again & again……if only to discourage conversation…

    …oh my…a vision of paris bent over the hood of that big pink bentley, ass glowing pink from the spanking she craves, up in the hollywood hills with the nighttime lights of los angeles sparkling down below…“paris, baby, ughhh, i feel so ‘deep’ about you…oh god, baby…oh god, that’s HOT-T-T !!!”

    …& i can just see palin, bent over a truck roof, standing in the bed of any available pickup, we both have a view of that spectacular alaskan scenery…“ughhh, ughhh, oh, god, oh, ya, fuck me…can you see russia now BITCHHH ???”

    …okay, okay…sorry…please don’t think i’ve spent any time thinking about these two…

    …’cuz i’m just sayin’…

  5. It’s best not to dwell on those things.

    I take comfort in a mug of hot chocolate, sitting on my porch shouting ‘Git orf my damn lawn’.

    Damn kids

    (women like that, they used to give me lump in my shorts, now I just get a lump in my throat).

  6. You better triple-bag your dick if you’re going into Paris. Or not, maybe you want to have them 69 so you can hit all 4 holes in rotation, making sure you spread every disease they both have (or share) to every possible orifice.

    I just died a little writing that.

  7. So did I just reading it, “The Horror, the horror” !!

    Now git orf my damn lawn.

  8. …i so offended myself in retrospect,by what i wrote, that i’m considering joining the priesthood…

    …penance, penance, penance be my comfort…

  9. LittleJar,

    China & the Taliban?

    That’s very unpatriotic & they actually expect you to be a contributing member, no free ride there pal..

  10. Dont go Taliban on us dude, Ive vaporized a few of em’ and we dont really I.D. ya ..even with the scope.

  11. “I’ll get a Toyota hilux pickup and join the Taliban.”

    why do i get the feeling you’re going to find it difficult to fly in the very near future?

  12. I think it is amazing that a skinny kid that defects to N.Korea, lives on Govt rations, still ends up turning into a fat American.

  13. she won’t get it – there’s no way. if somehow, this woman ever becomes our president, i will likely move to canada. it’s funny though, dominic totally wants to fuck her. he’s admitted it. so he’s right there with you mikey.

  14. Hate huh?

    It’s a vary interesting power this woman holds over all of you. Some of you need to spend some time looking inwards instead of looking at Palin.

    It was not too long ago that people who were anti Hilary were accused of being afraid of powerful women it looks like it’s really the left that better fits that description.

    It’s similar to the way the way Clarence Thomas is treated. If you look a certain way you better act a certain way or people get angry…. very angry.

  15. Dudes
    Palin is the best thing that can happen for the DEMS next round. I hope she wins the 2012 GOP primary because she will absolutely get schooled in the general.
    Play to the base in primarys, run to the middle for the general.
    She can do the first for sure, but has no idea on the second.

    Game. set. match.

  16. It’s a joke. I’ve seen the movie ‘Osama’ – I wouldn’t last a minute with the Taliban. I’d start complaining about the chow and BAM – in the box reading the Kuran for 7 days for me! But seriously… she’s hot. I’d fuck her like it was my job, just as long as she didn’t start talking religion or politics, because she has a way of making my dick soft when she’s spewing her flaky flotsam. No, I’d stay in the US because I’m stuck here but damn would I be courting some Canadian woman with a little more fire under the derriere.

  17. Some crusty punks sang (yelled) a song at a wedding once back in Vermont and I remember it well – the “get off my lawrn” comment brings it to mind.

    “Sipping whiskey on my front porch
    Chattanooga, Tennessee
    Ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to live!
    Just as long as I am free
    Well you know that’s where I’ll be
    Sipping whiskey
    on my front porch
    Chattanooga, Tennessee.”

  18. “It’s a vary interesting power this woman holds over all of you. Some of you need to spend some time looking inwards instead of looking at Palin.

    It was not too long ago that people who were anti Hilary were accused of being afraid of powerful women it looks like it’s really the left that better fits that description.”

    kg— you’re being an idiot. Ms. Palin already lost one presidential election (that should have been a shoo-in) and it’s just mind-numbing that any thinking person would consider her qualified for the world stage.

    Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton a hundred times the politician Ms. Palin will ever be.

    By the way, did you read that George Orwell I suggested? Your comment falls squarely under his hammer. I have a hunch you’re smarter than you look, and just being lazy. Keep the rubber side down.

  19. Everyone should see THE DEAD ZONE (or is it THE SHINING) where Chris Walken plays beautifully a ‘see-er’ that finds out the next president is a psycho. It is fiction, but the real world of politics can be stranger than fiction. It goes to show just how far the wrong person can get to a powerful position – I mean, the same shit was said about GW. He’s a convicted drunk driver that quit drinking at 40 (how much brain is left at that point) a Christian that beleives in divine intervention in government (like Palin) a failure at business (Arbusto) and AWOL during his military stint.

    President for EIGHT YEARS. Be careful what you wish for.

  20. Funny thing is that if she were to hang a Democratic Party banner on her tail, most of you would be standing in line to kiss her butt. If Obama has not sent you to another country, you will probably safe. Drink your micro beer brew, relax and shut the hell up!

  21. Relax and shut the hell up… that should play… right into their hands.

  22. “Ahhh dude, uh, pass the bong, um… oh it’s election day, oh shit, I forgot to vote. Oh shit dude, I forgot to register to vote. Ooops.” – as long as there are ‘liberals’ thoroughly immersed in liberally drinking and smoking weed, watching comedy and reading High Times, forgetting to forget… we’ll have a threat of some shit like this going down again. Bush won because too many fuck wad youngsters had their heads all the way up their asses, and didn’t find their flip flops in time to make it to the voting booth. Or just didn’t give a flying fuck. This bitch is a NAZI – make no mistake. She’s spent over $100K on consulting, that should clue you in. She’ll say the right things come election season. The teatard party is mobilizing, gaining in strength, and a threat to democracy like nothing else. Imagine a legion of deluded right wingers all convinced that THEY ARE RIGHT and GOD IS ON THEIR SIDE. There’s not enough Jews to stop them. End rant.

  23. …ya & that’s why we’ve got it…

    …what’s your “real” point ???…

  24. I pledge Allegiance to the flag
    of the United States of America
    and to the Republic for which it stands,
    one nation under God, indivisible,
    with Liberty and Justice for all.

    Again, democracy is for retards.

  25. Democracy was a response to monarchy and the oppression that it created. Instead of all the public land belonging to the King or Queen, now it belongs to the ‘people’ which in this case is corporations and people. I don’t know which is worse. I like what the anarchists say: There’s no government like NO GOVERNMENT.

  26. I must admit, I am surprised by the concise political analysis provided in today’s post.

    I will vote for Palin should see choose to run. If it makes you feel better, I’ll probably ride my bike to the polls to do it.

    The funniest part of it all? without white guilt to drive you, without P. Diddy telling you who to vote for, you’ll all be too busy sitting around pulling your puds on election day to do anything about it.

  27. @41,
    I’m looking at the vocabulary in your post & all I’m seeing is Hillbilly Retard.

    See instead of She ?

    Yep that Palin, she can attract them.

  28. I see – so your political opinion is that I spell poorly.

    Didnt you forget to rage about hate and point out how tolerant you are?

  29. Hi libralnitmare,

    How are things ?

    No I didn’t, which sort of points out how tolerant I am.

    Ya’ll have a good day ya hear!!

    Take care out there, ultimatetly we all need each other.

  30. Gnome – Whats the alternative to Democracy (as crap as it is sometimes)? No gouverment? Lovely, that sounds like A-stan, Liberia or Somalia. Then socialism? That’s CCCP, China til late 80’s or North Korea (I went to Serbia before it got democratic, i know that shit, and it’s shit) lovely too. “Real” communism then? That’s got to be good… Oops, that’s Cambodia under the Khmer Rouges, a communist country that still cared vaguely about human life had to invade to stop the genocide…

    What are the other altenatives? National socialism? Theocracy? Absolute monarchy?

    Gnome, in the US, you might have the crappiest two party system for the general elections that barely fits the “democracy” moniker. But you also have a fucking great local democracy thing going that has me, in Europe, jealous. You can get elected to school boards, sherif, forestery things etc etc that might not have a glorious title, but where you can have a REAL influence on peoples lives.

    Gnome, you could get elected to one of these posts (if you don’t run your mouth) and actually put people on bikes (under whatever escuse you might find) and improves their lives. I’d help you, do posters and shit.

    Of course, to have this positive influence, you need to water down your Wisky with some beer and make compromises to make it paletable and understandable to Joe Six Pack. But, it’s easier to rant than to do…

  31. Revolution is not an “alternative” it’s a catalyst to another system!

    For example:
    Monarchy > REVOLUTION > turmoil > dictatorship…

    Revolution is not a permanent state. And I know about this stuff, I’m french, and we had a least 3 major ones since 1789… Revolution is not viable if maintained, it leads to anarchy (the state, not the system) that was called “la grande peur” in France or “chop chop time” in Liberia.

    “Hasta la révolucion, siempre” is a product tagline like “Just do it”.