ADOT State Highway Bicycle Safety Action Plan.

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This showed up in my inbox today from Prairiejean with the request that we all “Please take the time to send in this survey, very easy and important to state your needs and count as a part of improvements.”

From the website:

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is developing a State Highway Bicycle Safety Action Plan to reduce the frequency of bicycle involved crashes, fatalities, and injuries on the state highway system. The Plan will identify practical and achievable strategies to improve bicycle safety on the state highway system.

Your input is requested to identify locations on the state highway system that need improvement to make them safer and more comfortable for bicyclists.

State Highways are roads that are maintained by ADOT and are numbered as SR-89, SR-87, US 60, US 89, etc. For information on which roads are maintained by ADOT, please review the maps on ADOT’s website:

You can help by:

1) completing this survey, and,
2) encouraging others to participate by completing a survey.

Read the rest and take the survey here:

Get at it.

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One Reply to “ADOT State Highway Bicycle Safety Action Plan.”

  1. DONE and DONE.
    THIS is important. If you live in Arizona and ride a bike, this is mandatory. If you’re out of state, it is optional, but highly recommended.

    There’s some awesome road riding out here, if we had the SHOULDERS.

    All I’m asking is that when there is planning involved on highways, bicyclists be involved.