Monday Madness.

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I am on day 9 off the bike. In that time, I have swam over 10,000 yards and ran 20+ miles. I lifted hard at the Y yesterday and feel sore as shit. I ran on some muddy horse trails today with a friend. Every step I took was in the kind of mud where your shoe sticks and your foot slips out. Fun, muddy run.

Tomorrow I get to ride! FINALLY!! I told OB, give me something HARD (thats what she said), like hill repeats. No, he tells me he wants me to stay under 140 and only ride an easy 2 hours. But hey, at least it’s a ride.


This is Dominic’s new dirtbike. It was one of his favorites back in his day. He had a kick ass flatland session today. He’s impressing me like crazy, as he gets more and more smooth. Today he did something called a “rope-a-dope” which looked incredibly intense. I didn’t have a camera though. And after every trick he nails, he winks at me. It’s cute.

He crashes a lot too. His shins are fucked up.
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Dominic’s carbon cracked a few weeks ago. Our LBS called today and a new frame is coming this week. We are very stoked about this. I still think we should sell it and buy a used titanium frame, but whatever. According to what this write up says, it sounds perfect for what Dominic likes to do on his road bike:

After just a few pedal strokes, it becomes clear that the Fuji SST 2.0 is made for big, powerful riders who spend most of their time mashing the big ring……The Fuji SST 2.0 is classic sprinter’s bike. The oversized carbon frame, aggressive position and razor handling make it ideal for chaotic finish line sprints.

Go on and spew your hate for carbon. We know, we know. Steel is real. What’s funny is Dominic riding his old steel Serotta with his road bike set up and loving it. He said two days ago he’d never go back to carbon. Haha.

My first criterium is Wed. God help me. I just hope to hang on for a few laps. Last week I went out to cheer, and only one woman hung on for the entire 20K. It’s impossible to fucking hang with 70 men. What kind of shit is that anyways? The next series is about 5 minutes from my house and thank GAWD they have a fucking women’s 3/4 cat and we’re scored separately. Notice the prize $$ too. Dave is good to the ladies. He knows how to put on a good race.

My favorite Bowie song. It’s sad.

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43 Replies to “Monday Madness.”

  1. …i hope you don’t mean that’s big jonny & judi’s mom…

    …wow…this is getting over the fucking top…

  2. the new wave of dental implants stands to render that old leather belt all but useless.

    the o.g. dirtbike is one of the finest 2-wheeled creations of all time.

    fuck, i’m throwing up on the inside.

  3. My bet is that Hilda has a black bar across the nasty-favor by 8 am tuesday.

  4. reminds a brutha of Beerfest, the movie. i’m feeling all tingly now in the naughty bits…

  5. Damn it Judi!!

    I respectfully passed on building on a thread starting with getting laid & the last comments were all about tuna fish.

    The gross out possibilities were endless, yet I refrained out of respect.

    Then you posted that without a NSFW warning.

    I threw up in my mouth a lot!

    Yes I know that senior citizens need sex too, (Jesus, just threw up again), & I acknowledge that I’m rapidly heading into that category, (well like sideling in reluctantly from the side).

    But some things are plain WRONG!

  6. dude, there’s still a happy little change purse ringing the chinbell.

    and, can you imagine the burn if the sun somehow shined through those bifocals? homegirl would rack up a secondary cock-smoking merit badge for sure.

  7. i have to learn how to use the paint program now. i’ll go sit in the corner and keep my mouth shut now.

  8. …kinda glad the foto of grannies head (whoops) is gone…

    …bowie was always a highly talented & creative rocker…worth a listen every time…

  9. oh come on bgw – you loved granny’s pic. one day you’ll be 90 years old and wanting your cock sucked! haha! (dude, you should have heard the audio that fucking picture came with).

    i liked bowie best back in his glam rock days with lou reed, hanging out in NYC at the factory, doing lots of heroin. (new york dolls rocked too).

  10. …ya, judi but you know my style…

    …when i’m 90, i’ll be looking for head from a woman no older than 70…i like those younger girls…bwaha !!!…

  11. Yeah, he’s full of it. I love the guy, but he’s full of it. We’ve all regretted it. Every damn one of us. Part of the game. Same as posting stupid shit in the comment section. It ofter looks a bit different in the light of day. Sort of like that god damn beast of a woman you met at the bar last night. Look Chief, she was there for the picking at closing for a reason.

  12. I don’t respect any of this. Chaos is the fucking order of the day bitches, and apparently we’re mired in the process of removing ourselves from it. Yes, no wait, I understand. In my moments of fruitless weak sobbing, I want nothing more than to have signed posters of a man beating other mens (sic) into submission because that is what God would do, and I want to be god too. So where can I sign up? Where can I fall into the ranks with you? Please, I plead.

    Sleep well boys, and cuddle your liabilities while you dig toward the middle of the herd.

  13. “she was there for the picking at closing for a reason”
    Ha ha… thus the magnificent slogan on a certain squadron of fighter pilots, and the very name of my first bicycle frame (that isn’t ride-able, btw)

    GO UGLY EARLY. I fucking love that slogan.

  14. Do your signed posters have grannies in them? Or do grannies have signed posters in them? If one signs a poster what does he get?
    I’m condused. But not as hot as Judi.

  15. i’m clawing my way up through piles of rotting complacency and mindlessly content herdsmen.  two more rings of hell higher and i’ll be chinning you, gnome.  like a sweet granny with her eyes closed, you’ll be taking my number.
    i already don’t regret this.  it feels right.  i can’t quit you, dc.