Flying the colors.

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From: Dave B.
Subject: More DC Representation in Canada
Jonny: Here is more proof that the DC nation is alive and being represented all over.

This was the North Shore Bike Fest Marathon XC which was pretty grueling as we just had a solid week of rain.

Ironically I ended up with plate # 420. So I think I had all the recreational choices covered.

Thanks to Lee Lau for the photo and the posting on a 7 minute montage of the trails here in Vancouver for the rest of the world to see.

Dave B.


I really need to get out on my bike.

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5 Replies to “Flying the colors.”

  1. We’ve done a few batches, all different designs. I believe there has been four different ones to date. The next will also be different. It’s still being ironed out. I can promise you this: It will be just grand. We’re aiming for a September release. Stay tuned.

  2. Depends on where you’re standing on this wonderful earth of ours.

    September release, whohoo, just in time for Summer..

    Oh yeah, oh yeah I get to wear it before you do, whohoo..
    (followed by some seriously bad boogy down moves, okay stop, you’re just embaressing yourself now..)