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17 Replies to “a picture paints a dozen words.”

  1. I look at this and the only thing that comes to mind is, “Built like a brick shithouse.” Maybe you should get shirts made.

  2. Girl jeans.
    Oddly placed bananadana.
    Ironic T-shirt.
    Not a fixed gear though.

    Final grade-C+

  3. –you buttlicks don’t know a real set of lycra jean tights when you see ’em? joe, you’re old enough to know better. shaaaaaaaaaame.
    –What’s ironic about a bmx jersey, dude?
    –it’s not a bandana, it’s a tourniquet.

    i call for a re-grade.

  4. Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to see if there’s any Windex in the house. There seems to be beer all over my monitor. How do you suppose THAT got there?

  5. The bibs might not, but they used to make shorts and bibs that did. Nowadays, the fine folks at Hincapie carry the ball forward.

  6. I don’t know about ‘sack up’, but it looks like several pairs of rugby socks were ‘rolled up’ & shoved down the front of those ‘spray on’ jeans.

    ‘Tragically Hip’ is the term that comes to mind, man’s even got the messenger bag but the bike’s got brakes & gears & a rack!

    OR, is this man so cutting edge that he is way ahead of us all & this will be the next big thing?

    Thank God I’m old skool…

  7. Bonz, indeed, indeed!
    You talking about what you packing behind or what you packing in front ?

  8. Bushey’s, indeed. it used to fit on a certain husky midget (the only husky midget, as far as i know). he then hit puberty around his senior year of college, during which time he simultaneously sprouted 3 chest hairs and about 45 pounds of flotation. i ran with the jersey, he kept the weight. It’s more than a fair trade if you ask me, skipworth.

    Next, perhaps I’ll tell the tail of being shot at in a treetop perch by none other than the Midge. It’s an epic tail of landrights, social justice, and potato guns. The legend is called Husky & Starch and it’s full-tooth bonz-grabbing action.