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Pain its not what you get, pain is what you give. Make no mistake about it, whether its your first ride in months or your umteenth interval. It’s all about what your giving.


Where ever you are, whatever your doing, just ride.

Keep chopping wood.


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Tucson, Arizona, USA

16 Replies to “Pain”

  1. Chopped yesterday. 44 x 18 rigid singlespeed on muddy, gritty, horse-shitty, greasy, boring multitrack. It was fun and not-so-fun at the same time.

  2. “Words create lies. Pain can be trusted.”
    -Asami Yamazaki (Audition 1999)

    Truer words have never been spoken…

  3. Gonna break the cycle here, sorry. I know pain. Pain is bruising your ribs at the end of March, taking a whole month off of riding, feeling recovered enough to ride, entering a 50 mile mtn bike race, feeling great, and then woohoo an unnoticed tendinitis on the upper knee cap decides to let itself be known!!! Yay, more time off the bike, more annoying pain and swelling!! Yay pain!!!

    fuck I’m pissed right now.

    Nice to see your right knee cap looks healthy Jake. sweet. ride hard.

  4. i got a feeling Mr. Snake is gonna be giving out lots o pain come Sunday. get ready all you bastards. the Stone faced killer is on a mighty horse.

  5. is it okay to chop in a dark, hot place, red around the edges, quiet but for the roaring of the blood in your ears, the distant pleading for mercy and blubbering like a schoolgirl who dropped her ice cream on the sidewalk, while curled fetal-like around that central nugget of pain?

  6. so it is… with the push and the pull. what you get… what you GET…. lemme say it again (huzza) what you GET! is in die-rect porporshun… to what you GIVE…..(au HUH… canna get a WITness…? …. )

    so are you saying… oh snake of all snakes… that you enjoy in direct proportion to what you sUFFAH?

    oh sweet jaysus.. could the answer be so simple???

    mmm…like banannas and sugar…. and rum… and vanilla….