Thursday motivation

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It is a low motivation day today.  Sore legs.  Stuck behind this desk earning my keep.

As I day dream of riding, thoughts drift to the fact that the Classics season all but over and the desert is heating up. But, at the same time the snow is melting in the mountains and glorious long mountain bike rides in the hills await. Only two more days until I’m turning the pedals in some dirt instead of on this shitty commute…

What picture comes to mind?

Tomac. Roubaix. Bar end shifters.
Tomac. Roubaix. Bar end shifters.
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10 Replies to “Thursday motivation”

  1. …like brando in “the wild ones”

    …”what kinda racin’ are you into, johnny ???”…

    “whadda ya got ???”

  2. My overweight self would trade tele-turns for long ‘not so glorious’ mountain bike rides until the winter weight goes away.

    Little bit later every spring. Down hill gravity good, uphill not-so-much…

  3. Thats legit Pave right there. Tomac is giving it stick and his rear wheel is off the ground. God bless the classics.

  4. More here:

    Here is a taste:

    Roubaix is typically relaxed at the start for two hours or so. An early break will usually go and the peloton will zip along just clicking off the kilometres. The first section of cobbles starts the real racing, with teams and riders all fighting for position for maybe 20km or so going into this first sector. The fight for this first section is unreal and it’s exactly the same for the first Flanders hill. You battle for around half an hour at 60km per hour to try to get to the front of the group just before you hit the first section. You have to time it just right, otherwise risk losing 50 positions in 500 metres!

    After that first section, it’s game on! It can slow some between sections, but never that much. We just went from sector to sector of pavé, switching direction back and forth across northern French farmland. The roads were narrow, like eight feet wide, and sometimes riding on the dirt next to the pavé was as fast as riding the stones themselves.

  5. BMX, Mtb, road…. That was the motivation I needed. I’m home with The Dependants so even if its just the trainer, its still some kms in the bank. Thanks for posting.

  6. It’s easy to forget how great arider Tomac is. I would have liked to see him stay on the road longer. I think he would have done great things.

  7. Nice picture. Maybe someone can post the greatest sports picture of all time – LeMond winning the 1989 WC