Cyclocross park approved!

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I am so excited! A CX park 7 miles from my house! HOLLA!

The city of Covington Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati, became the state’s second city to commit to year ‘round cyclocross bicycle racing when the city commissioners, in a meeting shown on live television, approved plans for a permanent cyclocross park in Devou Park. Covington now joins Louisville Kentucky as a permanent home to the fast-growing off-road bicycle sport that has been compared to steeplechase horse racing. Devou Park is no stranger to cyclocross racing, as it annually hosts the opening day of the Cincinnati UCI3 International Cyclocross Festival.

Check out the story on Bike Clicks.

How about some Beastie Boys to celebrate! A great song from Paul’s Boutique (their best album ever). Turn the BASS up.
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I am off work at 3pm. We’re dropping the dogs off at my friends house and then we’re off to Springfield. Tomorrow’s forecast is RAIN RAIN and more RAIN. I do not want to ride my fucking bike for 12 hours in the rain. Send me some good vibes.


Broke out the bento box.

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20 Replies to “Cyclocross park approved!”

  1. Riding a bike in the rain for 12 hours is like masturbating with broken glass as your lube, something that is totally awesome has become totally painfull. With that said I’m sure you’ll kill it, sending my good vibes from the Big Sky.

  2. 12 hours of rain? I’d strongly suggest some wool. A wool jersey base layer, socks and gloves and I’m usually pretty comfortable in the rain. Or at least more than everyone else. You’re going to get wet, no way to avoid that- might as well at least be warm. Good luck out there and remember: Bike riding should be Fun.

  3. Devou Park?!?, you must know my man on the scene Chad Irey. He’s a whip cracker for trail building in those parts.

  4. …cx park = thumbs up, totally…absolutely cool !!!…

    …12 hour race = thumbs up…could be awesome…

    …12 hour race in the rain = thumbs down…i feel your pain/discomfort…

    …mirror & bento box = judi who ???…i don’t know anyone by that name !!!…

  5. Mirror and a Bento box?

    All you need now is an adjustable stem and you’re ready for the MS150.

    Kick ass this weekend!

  6. MM, got a minute, buddy? Some people actually use their bikes to get from point “A” to point “B”.

  7. …judi…after dom installed those bars, i know you went “snicker, bwahaha” just thinking about what some of us incorrigibles would say…

  8. I’ve been known to rock the bento. Shit is awesome for the big, big, big rides. Where else you going to put 15 empty gel packs? Makes for an awesome little trashcan right there in front of you. Keeps the leaking last-little-bit-in-the-packet gel nastiness out of your jersey pockets. Why subject yourself to that? Then you can just keep all the food you haven’t already eaten in a nice, relatively clean pocket.

    Don’t knock it till you try it.

  9. …now, now, counselor gianni, don’t get all personal & shit…this IS drunkcyclist, after all…or were you “just sayin'”

    …’sides, while judi n’ i are pals, i am admittedly 100% incorrigible…were “bad taste” to have a name, sometimes that name would be “bgw”…

  10. jonny – the bento box is a great place to stick my phone too for those pictures i am sure i’ll be taking. thanks guys. we’re all checked in a holidome and dominic wants to go play pool and video games til bedtime. see ya.

  11. Just want to say congrats on the park, Judi. That’s fucking awesome.
    Nice choice on the Beasties. Hell yeah! Paul’s Boutique is their best…a true classic.