Peter van Petegem shows Alberto Contador what pain looks like.

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PVP show Contie whats what: “See, this here is the center of the road. It is smoother up here. I will ride here. Down there, that is where pig lay. It is shit. You will ride there. I am now hungry. Give me your sandwich.”

Defending Tour de France champion Alberto Contador took to the treacherous cobbled roads of northern France on Tuesday, preparing for terrain he admits could dent his bid for a third yellow jersey this year.

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In somewhat related news, I have it on good authority that Van Petegem had to stop and shave, twice, during the ride.

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10 Replies to “Peter van Petegem shows Alberto Contador what pain looks like.”

  1. …see, this here is why i prefer drunkcyclist to “other” on-line cycling news sources…

    …who else carries the real skinny on conversations like that…that’s right, nobody…& why ???…“oh, well, gosh, that might not be politically correct & we wouldn’t wish to offend our readers” sez velo/cycling/road-news…

    “horse shit”, i say…get the ‘real story‘ from the people that know & care…

    …this is another unsolicited testimony…

  2. it would appear, in terms of comparison at least, that Bert has dipped himself in disadvantage. I’d like to detail in the form of a brief list.
    1) smurfs are fucking weak. cute, but weak. little, weak, weak, little.
    2) he might as well be running his bars upside down the way he has those brake levers all cocked up like a poor little latino kid from chicago. weak little chicago dude. little.
    3) his little golfball knees are pointed every which way but tough.
    4) iridium lens.
    5) he ate nothing but his green card for breakfast: weak.
    6) his bike steez is in the fast lane to a sprint triathalon completion certificate.
    7) just look at PVPizzle. clearly shredding.

    in short, it’s like snake hawk trying to front like i have a dance floor booty whilst big kitchen stands behind me making a brisket hot dog smoothie. i love that picture. it makes me love everything about bikes.

  3. Snake hawk, you don’t know shit!

    Oops, sorry, it has come to our understanding that you DO know shit.

    Apologies then.

  4. I do believe the Hawk has shown his preference for the full bodied cyclist who peaks in April and disappears by July. And, in that, I join him.

    Frites, 1 mayonnaise 2 and fuck a climb.3 What!