The world is your tusk, Mr. Eskimo.

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Eskimo has no real equivalents to our words “create” or “make” which presuppose imposition of the self on matter. The closest Eskimo term “to work on” which also involves an act of will, but one which is restrained. The carver never attempts to force the ivory into uncharacteristic forms, but responds to the material as it tries to be itself, and thus the carving is continually modified as the ivory has its say.downsized_0410000950When you’re running a set-up like this cat’s, the world is your chunk of ivory, assuming you’re not imposing too much self upon it.  Happey Weekende, mateys.

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12 Replies to “The world is your tusk, Mr. Eskimo.”

  1. If you can afford a BMW motorcycle than you can afford a Moots. Or is it the other way around?

  2. Dear Snake Hawk,

    They don’t like to be called Eskimos. that’s something we came up with. It’s kind of derogatory. Like calling someone of other colour in N. America a name we are not so fond of now. They like to be called Innuit or Innu for short.

    And I’m not blowing out my ass. I’ve been way up there with them. Have you? If you have, you should know better.


  3. Yes Mr. Snake,

    Well played. But after you helped him up off the ground like a kind hearted guy like you would, would you say that to his face?

    I know what they Can do.


  4. b-nose, i’d have to go with “yes.” i would say it to his face. hopefully in an opposite type scenario, he’d tell me, “bro, you should’ve honkeyed. the tree might have moved.” or, “say, i think your frame’s crackered. er… cracked.”