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Tomorrow is an opportunity. An opportunity to do it better than you did today. An opportunity to get it right. If you end today knowing you could have done it better. Then tomorrow is your day. Do it like you did today, only do it better.

Here is a question for you. When opportunity knocks, will you answer?

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Right at about 57 seconds into the vid sums it up. Opportunity.

Tomorrow I will do it better than I did today.


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20 Replies to “Tomorrow”

  1. I was good on that shit until they had to throw hunting (and fishing) in there – not that I’m against hunting, but it doesn’t resemble a race or a game in any way shape or form. going out and shooting an animal is not an endurance sport where ‘the underdog comes up from behind’ or ‘passion trumps logic’… It’s luck, patience, and a little bit of skill. Nor does Lance belong in there, he was never an underdog – he’s always been a dominator + a natural champion. So, to the maker of that video, I say: total inclusiveness results in a diminished message – a confusion replacing the intent of inspiration.

  2. Totally agree with LJ, the hunting shit is unacceptable, especially in this day & age.

    There is no need to hunt these days, it’s all ego.

  3. That is awesome.

    I agree with the comments regarding some of the image choices. But, it’s Versus promoting their brand so what’d ya expect. Hunting, fishing, cars, fights, hockey, college sports and cycling. At least cycling has a home somewhere in this country, even if it is an odd fit.

    As for the words, well, I suggest listening to it instead. Or, read it. It puts a damn lump in my throat. I think it is a fine piece of work. Good on ya, Snake. Thanks for posting it.

    Here is the full text:

    Here’s the thing that makes life so interesting,
    the theory of evolution claims only the strong shall survive.

    Maybe so,
    maybe so.

    But, the theory of competition says,
    just because they are the strong doesn’t mean they can’t get their asses kicked.

    That’s right.

    See, what every long shot, come from behind, underdog will tell you is this;
    the other guy may in fact be the favorite,
    the odds may be stacked against you, fair enough.

    But, what the odds don’t know is this isn’t a math test.
    This is a completely different kind of test.
    One where passion has a funny way of trumping logic.

    So, before you step up to the starting line,
    before the whistle blows and the clock starts ticking,
    just remember out here,
    the results don’t always add up.

    No matter what the stats may say,
    and the experts may think,
    and the commentators may have predicted,
    when the race is on all bets are off.
    Don’t be surprised if somebody decides to flip the scrip,
    and take a pass on yelling uncle.

    And then suddenly,
    as the old saying goes,
    we got ourselves a game.

  4. Yes, it’s much more ethical to keep animals confined and pumped full of steroids, then herd them down a chute and bludgeon them to death.

  5. Totally agree with Littlejar. That’s exactly what ran through my mind as well…here are all these ATHLETES pushing their limits…and then dudes walking around shooting animals. I don’t disagree with hunting, per se, but no WAY does it belong in that context. Maybe Versus should consider that?

    On the plus side…I’m going to watch that again tomorrow morning before I leave for my first race in a couple years.

  6. WOW! very cool!! that hit me on different levels! i’m a Power-Lifter. i know it must sound a little weird to be into lifting heavy ass weights and to enjoy riding my bicycle– but, one is kinda for my job and the other is to keep my sanity.
    i agree that some of the images didn’t really fit w/ the theme. anyway, Thanks for posting it ‘cuz i probably never would’ve saw it… i wish i could get this on my MP3!

  7. worthy addition to the argument, sparky. let’s assume that lj already knows that shit, okay? knowledge of big industry animal manufacturing is pretty fucking pedestrian at this point, and at this particular stop on the internet.

  8. thanks for posting, very inspiring despite the hunting bits! Lame meat packing industry comments aside, just look at what are “sports” now…hunting, fishing, poker…in 10 years is Wii tennis gonna be in that video?

  9. A) People still hunt for meat to eat.
    B) Deer and feral hogs are considered nuisance animals in many places as they destroy the fields (corn and root vegetables) that the veggies love so much.
    C) Populations must be managed to remain healthy. Too many animals leads to inbreeding.
    D) Get chased down a game trail by a 303 pound feral boar hog and your tune @ hunting will change. I ran 75 meters while trying to load my .30-06, got trapped at the base of a levee and was forced to draw my pistol. I shot 12 times (9mm Hi-Po Browning), hitting the big fucker 8 times.

  10. but baiting bears and blowing their brains out with a high-powered rifle makes your penis bigger, doesn’t it?

  11. Nope, Mikey. At least I don’t think so. Haven’t hunted bear. At baiting ain’t just illegal; it ain’t sport; not one little bit. And it don’t make you a hunter either, any more than riding a Huffy down a sidewalk makes you a cyclist. But most folks in these parts know this, if they were raised right.

  12. Oh, and to clarify, I’ve never had that other problem either. But I can sympathize with you guys that do. I can’t relate, but I can sympathize.

  13. I thought that the text would be: “….piss in my beer.” would have been funnier.

  14. I haven’t watched the vid bc I’m having to use a phone to read this, but I will say that all that shit about opportunity, etc. couldn’t have come at a better time than now as I am faced with the opportunity to go to work for a different company and further my career.

    Why all this talk about the hunting and fishing? I’m from Kentucky, I grew up having to learn how to hunt and fish. Did we ever waste any of the animal? Hell no, we froze that shit and ate it until it was gone. If it were catfish, we invited everybody and had a fish fry. I even have made little bags out of some whitetail scrotum, after of course we fried those bawls up.

    MM- I’ve got some wild hog ham and sausage in the freezer right now.

  15. Amen Snake… and f*ck it if theres a hunter about to shoot bambi as she goes for the ol’ salt lick… completely missing the point. MAKE EM HERT!