Humpday musing from the fat man.

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Well, not really fat. More like “festively plump” or “jolly.”

From: Jeff D.
hope all is well at law school in the warm weather…

Classic Nor Cal Cat 4 racing. My favorite is the last frame with the guy pumping his fist……

Fist Pump 1. Get some 2.

These kids are off the hook.

Kranked 8 Revolve – Coastal Crew

YouTube Preview Image

Did I catch my man McLane in there somewhere? I’m just kidding, he’s rep’n AZ. Much respect dude. Skid-Huck kids are bananas.

Check out India’s Hot New Anti-Terror Weapon: Spicy Chili.

Dealio Dan just got a box full o Reba Forks. There were mumbles of $470 before the minutes ran out. Here’s the link.
In AZ and happen to be wondering if the lamb is a good idea at this point? Click Here!
Speaking of BGR, Dean Hill has released the photos.
iPhone app to end AT&T suckage?

Phoenix prime time riding compliments of

Shit is Prime Time. Me? I’m riding pine in front of a god damn desk. Gimmie one more year. One more. That’s all I ask. Then I’ll rip the world in half.

Sorry, forgot to code this next link first time through. Check out Good times.

This site is bringing the old school hard: I’ve been tapping it every few days now when I need to look at something other than another damn law book. Start with this post: BIKES, BIKINIS, BEER & BEACH | VINTAGE DAYTONA BEACH BIKE WEEK. (All caps just ‘cuz.)

Daytona Beach during the Golden age of the ’70s & ’80s. Before Bike Week became some three-ring commercialized circus of fake boobs on a stick, there were riders and vanners of a kindred spirit who came to hang out, party on the beach, chill. They did it outta love instead of the hype. And the boobs were real, man. Kinda makes you wanna take it by force from the corporate pricks, and get back to what made it great in the first place– brotherhood, escaping the grind of the rat race, and finding a little soul on the road.

You can thank me later.

I may be sitting square on my big ass in a law school library, but I’m saying nothing other than pass that damn Courvoisier.

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Last one before I just roll over and take it (like a man).

What A Wonderful World – Death Metal Version

YouTube Preview Image

Well, that’s it. The books call me like Sirens to my death.

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9 Replies to “Humpday musing from the fat man.”

  1. Those trails there on the spin of the desert were my stomping grounds for two years loved em… Learned me to be a better single track rider ,,, you don’t want to go off trail there. Thanks Johnny thank Yuri ..

  2. Loving the vintage photos. Things have changed so much. It reminds me of these lyrics.

    “or your enjoyment we’ve excised the dialogue
    for your protection we’ve installed a camera
    just keep thinking the same clean thoughts
    and keep telling yourself it’s alright”

    I swear the “safety” state of mind is just out of hand.

  3. That ride with Yuri ended the way all rides should, at the local brewery. Thanks for the link.

  4. Cat 4 crash:

    Just when you think it can’t get any worse, buddy off the the right endos into a *barbed wire fence*. Shiii….

  5. oh dang! what’s with the maple syrup ass-whip rattler tails on the red bull video? !? are those dudes really rollerskate/rattlesnaking around like that? skidhuck mania gone sideways, and not one of them dicks is ghostridin’.