It’s raining.

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When I work from home, I watch what’s going on outside. Dope boys come and go from the house across the street. He seems to be the steady supplier for many. I often wonder what drug he sells. His kids come over here to get their bikes fixed. Not once have they ever thanked us. Dominic has even built up junk bikes from the LBS for these kids. Do you think their fucking drug selling parents even give a shit?

work from home

I rode 213 miles this week. Enough said.

No trail riding anytime soon. Unless I drive 4 hours to Ray’s, the MTB won’t be used much till May which really sucks. I hate to have a new bike and not be able to ride it the way it’s supposed to be ridden.

mud trail

Not related at all to cycling but something I found interesting:
They call it Mellow Yellow. I am thinking it is NOT a good sign to have a government controlled strain of marijuana. Scary shit.

Early Runaways. As in, jailbait. One of my favorite songs – WASTED.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

30 thoughts on “It’s raining.

  1. Well Dominic is probably a good influence on those kids, and I’d say yeah, the parents are probably glad he helps them with their bikes, gets them out of the parents hair so they can go about business as usual. (sad but true)

    Mellow Yellow does seem bad in several ways to me. First is the medical MJ thing, instead of just becoming sane and legalizing MJ the way it should it is being subverted through a govt controlled route.
    This is not like alcohol as they say, this is another govt program to beneift a single for profit business, another way to control the free market, another way to insure that criminalization of MJ continues it’s course, in fact it may even cause laws against recreational users/growers to become more draconian than they currently are. This will lead to more prison time and more money for pricvatized prisons.
    Second, it amazes me that while the govt fights tooth and nail, any attempt to study the benefits of MJ they can claim that the irradiation has no long term effects. They can’t even scientifically state that about natural MJ, how can they state that about the irradiation effects of the mellow yellow MJ?

    I’ll say it again, the legalization of ‘medical MJ’ is a screen by the govt to make sure they can become even more draconian and controlling of our lives in an area that has very little side effect.
    Maybe they need to start focussing on proven harmful, live changing drugs like tobacco and alcohol and take sever steps against those items. Or maybe they nbeed to back down and give us back our country.

  2. I know how you feel about seeing kids with drug dealing parents. My wife and I lived across the street from just such a family. We fixed/bought them bikes, clothes, food, etc. The parents never said a word to us. I like to think, in some small way, we will leave a lasting impression on the kids. Hopefully, they will be able to “break the cycle” and make better decisions than their parents.

    Keep up the good work!


    PS I cannot comment on the medical mj as I live in Oklahoma…smack dab in the bible belt. Not much discussion here.

  3. I agree with Jay. The Mellow Yellow piece is satire. Geez, the writer of the piece here could have dropped a few more obvious h. In the era of Monsanto, the story didn’t seem very far fetched at all.

    “Glossy News is an accredited online satirical publication and a contributing member of HumorFeed. Our stories also appear on Google News and other select news aggregators.”

  4. Hey Judi,

    This proves what most of us already knew, that you & Dominic are good people.

    Sadly I think that the answer to your question is No, they don’t give a shit.

    My concern is that those kids have to taken out of that environment to have any chance in this life, have you brought this place to the local police’s attention?

    I can’t talk for American police but I know that New Zealand police would be round there like a shot & the kids would be put in care.

    One of the things that I love about this place, we have damn fine police & social services.

    Take care out there,

    Sun’s shining, another glorious day in paradise.
    (sorry about that).

  5. i can see why, judi…the story didn’t initially read like satire and it would be pretty scary if it were true.

  6. Be very careful calling the cops. Never know what they will do. May arrest the parents may not. In Utah there is no way we will ever have medical MJ unless the Mormon church decides to grow it on their farms. Which is not likely. Then again if the profit margin is high enough anything is possible.

  7. Running an obvious drug house is enough reason for me to rat them out. Wanna cook meth in the bathtub next door? Be my guest if you’re keeping it on the dl, none of my business. Sell from your doorstep and in front of your kids and it becomes my business.

  8. Hi Blackdog,

    Good to meet you.

    Sorry, why would you be careful about calling the police ?

    These are children, if they stay in that environment I can absolutley guarentee you that they will turn out the same as their parents.

    Children are our hope for the future, at the very least they are going to be paying taxs that funds our pensions, do you think that these kid’s parents are paying taxes?

  9. Loren, good on you.

    The issue is that Meth lads create a great deal of toxic poisons. We have untold issues down here because a house or unit has to be virtualy demolished because there was a Meth lab in it.

  10. first things first. we stay on their good side. we fix the kids bikes, we give them popsicles in the summer. the kids in this neighborhood are surrounded by drug dealers. there are fucking 14 year olds on the corner selling. they carrry fucking guns. our mailman was held at knifepoint by some young fuck last week in BROAD fucking daylight. you think i’m calling the cops? fuck no.

  11. Judi,

    I have 2 things to say,

    1. I’m damn glad that I’m here at the bottom of the earth.

    2. Get the fuck out of there.

    Sorry, life choices, we make them.

    Take care,

  12. Hurben,

    I think Judi explained it best. Urban areas of the US can be very tough. Upsetting these types of neighbors can be bad for your health.

  13. Shit.

    Sounds like NZ when the property bubble burst. Also like my half share in my late mothers house in South Africa, because of all the “informal settlements” i.e. squatter camps, that are springing up in the area the value of the house is virtualy nil.

    My sister still lives there with her boys because she has no choice.

    I sort of know how you feel Judi.

  14. I have just noticed that it is 16:46 on 14/03/2010, (local time), so I’m talking to you from the future…

    Be good, people, live happy lives & make a difference..

    Don’t make me have to do this again

    Take care out there,

  15. Judi, I’m not far from you. i get the sense you are in DC, suburban VA? My neighbor sells drugs 24 hours a day. i’m constantly conflicted with calling the cops but I realize that it will do nothing but bring trouble my way. So in short I feel you. Even if your neighbors stopped or were forced to someone else would fall in. Like you I am stuck in an area that test my will to cope and survive. I’ve had a gun to my head for twenty dollars and had my property broken into three times. The reality of the situation is we live in the metropolitan mid-atlantic. Sprawl for miles and lots and lots of nasty drugs and crime. Keep your head down, stock lots of popsicles and keep riding.

  16. Judi, If your house has lost 50% of its value, I’m assuming you are under water on your mortgage. If so and you want to move, you should seriously consider just walking away. Walk into the bank and drop the key on the desk. In many states, the bank can’t do a damn thing about it but ding your credit rating and take the house. I am seriously thinking about it for my house in Los Angeles that I am currently renting at a loss of about $20k/year. Now I feel pretty stupid for paying off the second mortgage in the first couple years I owned it. Another $80k down the shitter. All the big corporations are doing it- walking away from their real estate investments that have tanked- why should you be any different? Good luck.

  17. Fun post Judi. Until one knows what the drug being sold is one shouldn’t get too fired up. I used to sell pot and yes peeps stop by but it was all good fun and casual; even though the neighbors may have wondered. Glad to hear that the mellow yellow is a spoof. Walking away from your pad might not be so bad. The “poorer hoods” have all had dramatic home price declines (the most dramatic in Minneapolis). If you can save up and buy another house (really low priced now) before bailing on your current one it could work out good for you. Once you are approved for buying the next one you can then stop paying on the one you are living in and move on to your next pad w/ half the payments. This is not a light decision though; check your state or area regs and make sure the bank can’t come after you for what you owe them. I think it gets morally challenging though if you took a bunch of home equity loans for stupid consumer goodies and now don’t want to have to pay it all back. Keep up the fun stuff here.

  18. hey guys – thanks. i’m totally fine living here for now. we’ll move eventually. I spent 3 years busting my ass to get my credit scores high enough to buy a house after getting off dope. i am not going to fuck that all up and walk away from my mortgage. my dogs keep people away.

    people all over the US are getting fucked with property investments. it sucks.

  19. New of a couple up in flagtown, had two kids, house, yada yada. Sold a lot of really good pot. Got busted, lost the house, the kids, the dog, etc. I’m not throwing any ethics in the mix, but people need to think of the eventualities of their situation. I could rob banks to pay bills, that moneys insured, but I have a daughter, and I need to be around for her. Those people get busted, it don’t matter what they’re selling, their kids are in the system. And once you’re in the system, you don’t get out. Their future will be…tough. Problematic. I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with those people, but someone needs to explain that to them.

  20. I totally hear what you’re saying Judi, I really do. I called the cops last year when a gang in my neighborhood attacked a kid with a baseball bat. I testified to the grand jury, but it never went to trial because they made a plea deal. They didn’t see me call around the corner, and they never saw my face when I came in to testify, they don’t let the accused see the witnesses (for obvious reasons). They police maintain your anonymity if you tell them who you are, and you can leave anonymous tips online and by phone. I don’t live where you live, and haven’t seen it all, I make no judgements here. I just want to offer that you don’t hang it all out there if you talk to the police.

  21. All right, I’ve held my tongue long enough.

    I’ve lived for fifty years in the Pacific Northwest, and suffice to say, we’re familiar with manipulating the Cannabis Sativa/Indica genome and fine-tuning its cultivation and distribution.

    I say, this is a conspiracy by the private cultivators to prop up the price of their commodity during a time when competitive free market pressures are depressing the price of their admittedly excellent, locally-produced product.

    Don’t let these “market-driven” bastards fool you— even WWU college students are paying $280/oz. or less these days. Demand a better experience from your suppliers. Shop, compare and order in quantity. It is the responsibility of the consumer to drive the market. Keep the rubber side down.

  22. Judi,

    I think that take away from all this is that you & Dominic are really good people & that we care for you.