You had me at beer.

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it’s weekend as fuck over here.  time to get cracking.

never pick up hitch hikers.  DO pick up beer.  and while you’re at it, pick up some cigs, and since you’ve come this far, you may as well just go ahead and rent some videos.  do it, sissy.


celebrate the re-launch of this site.  i could spend hours up in that joint.  i DO spend hours up in that joint.  i’m playing an open hand here tonight, skidmarks.  all cards on the table.

while you’re at it, should you need to brush up on all the various types of bitches, this is the source.  you gotta fucking go there.  check that shit out, and if you don’t get it, i don’t get you.

peace, weekenderz.  keep it swervy.

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11 Replies to “You had me at beer.”

  1. Whats that growing outta her shorts ?

    That a tat or growth ??

    If it’s a tat, I’m taking all that she’s selling.

    Otherwise. I got beer, smokes and vids at home.

    Not even stopping.

    I dated this Indian bitch back in the day. It was like going face first in to the Black Forest of Doom. You needed a bull whip and Steven Spielburg directing to survive the encounter.

  2. “Got all that mouth but can’t step bitches” – my personal fav. Bitchy bitches must be somewhere between 44 and 58. “Spanish bitches who think they all that cause of their hair” is up there too. f’n hilarious.

  3. No surpise on the bitch list from a 3rd grader. My with who also taught 5-6 grades here in Cincinnati once intercepted a note a boy was giving to a girl that said ” I want to stick it in your ho”.

  4. Judi, no harm in looking. Them Thangs is a harmless website. Just a collection of images; motorcycles & associated folks, graphic design stuff (buildings, irrigation ponds, Canaima National Park, blurred out random bullshit), gangsters posing, half naked rail thin (and railed out) model chicks, expensive shoes and watches.

    Nothing to be afraid of.