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34 Replies to “Why do you think they called him the “Badger”?”

  1. How could Mssr even consider roughing up that Mondrian jersey? …must have been a serious transgression.

  2. Was he trying to mess with his bike? That’s about the same reaction I would have.

  3. Can you count the number of perfect heads of hair? This must be in Italy.

  4. if that’s phil anderson in the panasonic jersey i’d bet that he could open up a can of whup-ass on those protesters.

  5. Wow!! Looks like someones getting a cauliflower ear! Jeezus, Bernie’s pulling that one right out of his sock!

  6. phil anderson for sure in the background. gritting his teeth and taking a swing as well it looks like. what a crazy moment.

  7. Ever read his autobiography? It’s a rambling amusing mess, suggesting that the entire work is a direct transcription of him dicating into a tape recorder. He talks about school: “i was never one much for school. however, i enjoyed the time after school, when i would walk home and get into fights with other kids in back alleys”.

  8. Nah, Phil is getting his arm tugged from the guy getting pummeled, although he looks ready to scrap.

    The best part is the guy on the right, simultaneously stopping the race so they can get it on AND referying the match.

    And in true form Bob Roll appears in the back of the shot AGAIN.

  9. Seeing the video of that same still shot is pretty cool. I like the still much better though.

  10. I don’t think he’s punching the person (woman?) on his right. Looks to me like it was shot with a wide-angle lens, the target is the guy in the Panasonic jersey. Look at the angle of his arm. Lines up almost exactly with Panasonic’s face, and M. Hinault is less than an arm’s length away. It just doesn’t look that way from the perspective of the wideangle lens. I’m guessing around 20mm. The person to the immediate right is trying to stop the fight. Look at the grip he (or she, yes it’s hard to tell fron this vantage point) has on Panasonic’s arm. Punch throwing range to be sure.

    But I could be wrong.

    Damn, I could sure use a drink.

    And for the life of me I don’t see how the departure from lugged steel, 1″ threaded headsets and five speed block has added anything to the sport.

    Now what about that drink?

  11. Mr electric,
    No way this is shot with a 20mm lens you would get way more key stoning around the edges of the frame than what you get in this shot, And for the target being the guy in the panasonic jersey, try watching the video its pretty obvious the target is the guy in the white who is getting jacked.

  12. Has this been turned into a MOTIVATIONAL OFFICE POSTER yet? If not:

    Caption this:

  13. joetheelectrician –

    You must be extremely dumb. Bernard has his hand grabbing the guy in white who is cowering. The dude in the Panasonic jersey (who has been identified comment earlier) is clearly focused on the same two guys in white sweaters who are in cowering stances. Where are the women in this photo? Do Italian men behave that way around women? FUCK ME, where did you come up with this shit?


    BTW: Real men obviously have hair. Just sayin.

  14. Amphetamines make some people combative. Just sayin’.

    Is there an echo in here? Aw, fuck, it, too many beers.

  15. Mikey,

    I think that you’re right on the ball.

    I’ve read a shit load about Phil Anderson & I’m unconvienced.

    Just saying

  16. It’s pretty sad how some folks just have to get on these sites and flame people in order to get some kind of validation. Hope your lives get better.

    And I stand by my statement about lugged steel frames.

  17. I stand by my comment that Bob Roll is Always there when something interesting happens.

  18. I gotta call the one in white a guy…look at the hand. It’s eother a guy or Rachel Ray. She sports a pair of man-hands if anyone ever did!

  19. maybe UCI should hire Hinault to take care of the doping problem in professional cycling.