Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Well, would you look at that? Another year of drunkcyclist stupidity gone by and here we are at Christmas. I hope all of you out there have a kick ass weekend, surrounded by friends, family, bikes & beer. We’ll leave out third b-word as this is a safe for work site these days.

Well, mostly anyways.

Got a few timely holiday emails of late. Thought I’d share.

From: Snake Hawk
And here you go. Festive bologna sammiches. God bless some shit.


That boy takes Whisky Tango to a whole new level.

From: 40 Hands
Snapped this picture while home for the Holidays, thought you would enjoy it. For the record that’s a 21 year old bottle of Chivas, full bottle of Dewers, and Red and Black label Walker. I’ll think of you when I’m drinking the last remnants of the Giants season away during Christmas. Also, didnt touch a drop of Yuengling while on the east coast, this was the beer, of choice.


Damn son. Good looking out.

We’re having 17 over on Friday for dinner. Four are children, so only 13 count as drinkers. Some more than others, of course. But a few can really dent a Bud Lite thirty pack. So I got two. And a case of wine. I hope we make it.

From: Rob
Subject: Merry X-mas!
Here’s how we’re celebrating!

2009-12-24 12.45.41

Merry Christmas, everyone. Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.

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9 Replies to “Merry Christmas, everyone.”

  1. hot damn! those of us who don’t drink, we salute you.

    xo! merry xmas….let’s get this fucking day over with please!

  2. …just wanna send out “best wishes” to all the regulars for the season, w/ the exception of dave…

    …dave, i not only send you “the very best of wishes” but a stocking full of insight & common fucking sense…i like to give out gifts that people can use…

  3. Troegs, ahhhh my home town brew. Gotta give props fer sher.

    Nugget Nectar will be here soon. Mmmmm Imperial Amber. That’s gotta be my all time favorite. My Steel Deluxe SS matches the label color scheme.

    Drunk Cyclist for reelz.

  4. totally happy christmas. it’s nuts, but fuck it. dig into it.

    bgw – i feel you, but:

    “Many children misbehave to get attention. The most notorious reason for misbehavior in young children, this can be the seed for discipline problems in later childhood and adolescence.

    When you give your child attention for misbehavior, you are giving negative attention. Negative attention typically begins when you become upset. You follow with threats, interrogation, and lectures. Negative attention is not a punishment; it is a reward. Negative attention does not punish misbehavior, but increases it.”

    resist. let’s start focusing on the new year.

  5. OPTIMATOR FTW ! ! !

    (fuck this, i’m heading to the gas station for some of that 6.9% goodness right fekking now.)