You are going on the list…

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With the new year upon us, it is inevitable that the best of/worst of lists will start to appear. I just stumbled on one from the Village Voice that I thought was pretty interesting. How many of these come over your headphones when you ride?

The Worst 50 Songs of the 00’s

50. brokeNCYDE, “Bree Bree”
49. LL Cool J feat. Jennifer Lopez, “Control Myself”
48. The Moldy Peaches, “Who’s Got The Crack”
47. Akon, “Sorry, Blame It On Me”
46. Dynamite Hack, “Boyz-N-The-Hood”
45. James Blunt, “You’re Beautiful”
44. Aaron Carter, “America A O”
43. Basshunter, “Please Don’t Go”
42. 3 Doors Down, “Kryptonite”
41. Vanessa Hudgens, “Sneakernight”
40. Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and the Wu-Tang Clan, “For Heaven’s Sake 2000”
39. Aubrey O’Day feat. Roscoe Umali, “Never Fallin'”
38. Say Anything, “Got Your Money”
37. Satellite Party feat. Jim Morrison, “Woman In The Window”
36. Lady Sovereign, “Food Play”
35. Hampton The Hamster, “The Hampsterdance Song”
34. Happy Mondays, “Jelly Bean”
33. Heidi Montag, “Higher”
32. Smash Mouth, “I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)”
31. 50 Cent, “Amusement Park”
30. Swizz Beatz with Ja Rule and Metallica, “We Did It Again”
29. John Mayer, “Your Body Is A Wonderland”
28. Xiu Xiu, “Support Our Troops OH (Black Angels OH)”
27. Kelly Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne, “Changes”
26. Beastie Boys, “In A World Gone Mad”
25. Weezer, “Heart Songs”
24. Gummibar, “I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)”
23. Santana feat. Chad Kroeger, “Into The Night”
22. The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Bob Marley, “Hold Ya Head”
21. Crazy Frog, “Last Christmas”
20. Gym Class Heroes, “Taxi Driver”
19. Nickelback, “Something In Your Mouth”
18. Toby Keith, “Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue (The Angry American)”
17. Simple Plan, “Perfect”
16. William Hung, “O Come All Ye Faithful”
15. Hinder, “Born To Be Wild”
14. Korn, “Ya’ll Want A Single?”
13. Sugababes Vs. Girls Aloud, “Walk This Way”
12. Disturbed, “Land of Confusion”
11. Darryl Worley, “Have You Forgotten?”
10. Fieldy’s Dreams, “Baby Hugh Hef”
9. Ashlee Simpson, “La La”
8. Limp Bizkit and Johnny Rzeznik, “Wish You Were Here”
7. Nicole Scherzinger, “Puakenikeni”
6. Hot Action Cop, “Fever For The Flava”
5. Alvin & The Chipmunks, “Get Munk’d”
4. Blue October, “Jump Rope”
3. Tila Tequila, “I Love U”
2. Artists Against AIDS Worldwide, “What’s Goin’ On (Fred Durst’s Reality Check Mix)”
1. Counting Crows ft. Vanessa Carlton, “Big Yellow Taxi”

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25 Replies to “You are going on the list…”

  1. Wow I’m surprised by #46. They were pretty much a nobody band with no songs. i didn’t think anybody had ever heard of them. And Weezer at 25? come on. The rest of the list is mostly shit I have never heard of. so whatever. haha

  2. Nate did you listen to that beastie boys song? Sure I listened to them when I was 10 but that hardly means they are immune to ridicule after the crap they have released through the years.

    I had never heard “smell yo dick”, thanks for the laugh.

    Jesus, people are defending songs on that list? What the fuck has drunkcyclist come to??????

    I laughed my ass off at the whole thing but was disappointed that the black eyed peas didnt make numerous appearances. Those ass clowns are sitting on a pile of cash bigger than my house and reaching the top of the charts while simultaneously destroying my last bit of empathy for the human race.

  3. Toby Keith’s “Angry American” should be moved up to #2 or #3 at least. I’m truly offended by that bullshit and the redneck effect on our military purposes, and to me, it is the most offensive point of view on Earth. Remember, that song was heard world wide. It put a dirty shit stain on our reputation – that’s US – “the US of A.” Fucking redneck loser shit fucks.

  4. Modern music is the simplest and shittiest music available. It’s black people chanting (just like 5,000 music years ago), except with effects that sound like a construction site, shorties (it sounds like shoutys), drugs, and a hundred G’s on that bitch.

  5. that’s a pretty narrow minded idiodic statement there rankinesoccer.

    1st, 1/2 that shit listed is WHITE PEOPLE.
    2nd, you probably mean hip hop, not ‘modern music’. There is a difference even though hip hop is modern. And to be more specific, you’re thinking of ‘gansta rap’.
    3rd, not all hip hop is crap, all kinds of music have a variety of shitty music and decent music. (well, exclude country western)

    Vaguely vailed racism at it’s best, try again retard.

  6. The beastie boys effort to demise the american deal was fucking stupid. I envisioned a bunch of Jersey crackers chillen cold forty style in wheelchairs along side O2 bottles. writing checks to the man.

    Weak Schauce bra.

  7. I swore growing up that I’d never be one of those middle aged guys that looses touch with popular music, but here I am a few months south of 40 and thanks to satellite radio and I-tunes, I am so deep into the stuff that I want to listen to that I haven’t heard 45 songs on that list. I had the kids bouncing around to “Check Your Head” blasting in the kitchen this morning – makes me glad I haven’t gotten to the new Beasties yet.

  8. I’ve heard virtually none of the songs on the list. Hell, there are Miles Davis albums I still haven’t heard, so I don’t plan on wasting my limited listening time on trash.

  9. Dave, most people haven’t heard most of the songs on that list…….because they are terrible. Absolutely terrible. So terrible that the majority of them never made it near a major media outlet.

    They are so terrible that you may just laugh out loud at how horrendous they are, as you contemplate how in the world they were ever released in the first place. (It’s kind of the point of the list).

    But that is assuming that you aren’t a super serious Miles Davis fan.

  10. “super serious”? “Kind of Blue” gets me through a hateful long commute in the crew van. Typical radio fare is either “country” or “Christian” “music”. I’ll cue up “Blue in Green” and just keep hitting repeat on my cd player. Mmmmm, therapy… Jimmy Cobb said the music sounded like it was made in Heaven. Wouldn’t doubt it. Did I mention that noise cancelling headphones should be considered a lifesaving device? Been rediscovering “Round About Midnight”. And I’ve been listening to “Birth of the Cool” in the wee small hours when I’m going to work. Yeah it’s abit ragged, but I like it that way. Feels like I imagine a set in some club, 50 years ago might have sounded. Paul Chambers was just finding his voice, and ‘Trane on “Breathless” gives me ginormous goose bumps every time.

    Did I mention that Bill Evans on “Kind of Blue” was the glue that held that album (Kind of Blue) together? Got the three disc boxed set of the Village Vanguard perfomance for Christmas. I’ll be savoring that, drop by drop for a long time. Not that I don’t like Red Garland or, say, Winton Kelly. But Evans to me is special.

    And I’ve had the “Sketches of Spain” cd for a couple years. Still can’t quite get my head around all of it. But that’s how it goes for me. Some things just take abit longer to digest. And copies of “Bitches Brew” are getting scarce as rocking horse dicks. Might see what Borders can do. Got to replace my “Giant Steps” cd anyway. Fuckin’ hillbillies…

    Sorry, what were we talking about?

  11. Which is precisely why I carry abunch of real music and my noise cancelling headphones with me every day. Cripes, if I had to listen to that dreck I’d open a frickin’ vein*.

    *Not necessarily my own…

  12. i am not ashamed to admit that i could drive around in my convertible geo metro all fucking day amping lady ga-ga ’til my no-no hole grows wax lips. fuck it, bros. i can handle it. welcome to the modern times!

  13. After de’s statement, I decided to check out them thar Moldy Peaches.

    You owe me 59 seconds of my life back.

    This is the kinda shit that made the 90’s unbearable.

    I’ll stick with Motorhead and Sabbath, TYVM. (Pre Dio of course…)

  14. ny hardcore 2000 – i’m on your vibelength, brother/sister. dance till your pants prance. i’ll pick you up in my drop top metro with 13″ spinners!

  15. Unfortunately, I have heard most of these songs on this list. I’m not proud of that.
    S-H, you know I’ll be there in my drop top sebring, gold no less.

  16. It took me until now, Monday morning, to get a listen to some of those tracks. I recognize only a few. I like none. My god, the Village Voice hit that one out of the park. That is a list of some awful shit right there.

  17. bg, my metro is right hand drive because i’m a part time gay newspaper thrower, so we could crooz hand-in-hand listening to all the moldy peaches we want. 3 doors down my bizkit will be limp.