I believe Floyd…

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I believe Floyd…was doped to the gills.

The Mennonite Sensation is now the first man ever stripped of a Tour title for a doping offense.

Something to be proud of, I’m sure.

Tour de France organizers already have said they no longer consider Floyd Landis the champion.
Photo: Reuters
From velonews.com:

The International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed Floyd Landis’s appeal of his suspension for doping at at the 1996 Tour de France.

In a 3-0 decision released on Monday, CAS confirmed the initial decision issued by a panel of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) on 20 September 2007.

“Consequently, Floyd Landis is disqualified from the Tour de France 2006 and is suspended for a period of two years starting from 30 January 2007. Floyd Landis has been ordered to pay the sum of $100,000 to the United States Anti-doping Agency (USADA) as a contribution towards its costs in the CAS arbitration.”

Travis Tygart, the head of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, said he was “satisfied with the decision.”

“This sends a message that no one – no matter what resources they have at their disposal – can hide from the truth,” Tygart told VeloNews.

Update: Floyd Landis has fallen upon his sword and admitted all wrongdoing. While dropping dimes on his compatriots. See drunkcyclist.com/2010/05/19/the-other-shoe, drunkcyclist.com/2010/05/19/about-that-shoe, and drunkcyclist.com/2010/05/20/the-landis-letters.


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26 Replies to “I believe Floyd…”

  1. I think that quote really meant….

    “This sends a message that no one – no matter what resources they have at their disposal – better try to defend themselves or we’ll fine the shit out of you, and you better not talk back”

    So who is going to collect on that debt, with whos authority and will that authority actually accept a judgement that would not hold up in a French or American court of law?

  2. I _want_ to believe….. that a stack of whiskeys and a beer or two will do the same as a testosterone injection and 8+months of doctor guided EPO dosing.

    There go my TDF hopes.

  3. Not to worry…Floyd will join the rest of cyclings mistfits on Rock Racing for the ’09 season.

  4. There are no winners in that game of losers.
    If Floyd “wins” his case, then a very probable doper gets off.
    If USADA “wins” then the case for ignoring proper protocol is strengthened. Especially in light of the new study done on EPO testing as covered by Velo News.

    Either way the fans and the sport lose. We’re left not knowing anymore than we did going in to this whole shebang. Except that the cops and the robbers were/are as crooked as pigs peckers.

  5. The suspicion was rampant – at least amoungst my circle – the day of the win. It was so obvious that there was an older gentleman I worked with at the time that was a local amateur racer in the ’60s and ’70s who commented to me that very afternoon “so what do you think they had in _his_ IV last night…..”.

    I’m hoping this will be a sign to the general public and potential sponsors that the sport _is_ trying to clean up. At least now, we can point to a whole list of riders booted for drugs, and draw a comparison to other sports.

  6. Make no mistake about it – cyclists are taking Viagra. Right now. In the US. It is happening.

    Me? No. My dick will dent a car.

  7. Yeah, damn half the time I wish I could get rid of the boner. Dope to the gills just like many other champs. What was it, is the question? All I know is some lucky enduro freaks get to beat a tdf winner.

  8. I live not too far from where Floyd’s from….I hope this whole damn thing is done now. I soooo tired of people asking me what I think about the case (since it’s followed on the local news). I was in the middle of a 70 mile ride today…some guy at the mini-mart asked me what I thoght of the case. I’m tired of the whole thing……

  9. “Make no mistake about it – cyclists are taking Viagra. Right now. In the US”

    Jonny, et al-

    Yes, I’ve heard this from multiple sources… who may or may not include “masters” racers. Know what I mean?

    “Me? No. My dick will dent a car.”

    Where were you when that fuckwad in the black ‘sclade brushed me with his mirror the other day? I wished I’d had my U-lock out and ready to deliver justice… :)


  10. Here i sit, typing this lame response in response to a lame rider of “Mennonite” decent, who claims tp be a “pure” athlete.
    Shit, give me a break, I live in a town of 10,000 “Honest” Mennonites, they would fuck there mommas to get ahead in life!!
    Lloyds just as big a prick as the rest of them,have we heard from his pop yet? nope only momma, with her head buried in the sand like the good Mennonite momma that she is, dads out screwing his neighbour in an attempt to get ahead in life, just like good old Floyd was doing!

  11. Sad thing.
    On the bright side, Floyd is now fully qualified for a career in cable news, or perhaps even congress.
    9 times out of 10, the american public likes people who’ll cheat to win.

  12. …thom said it best, “there are no winners in that game of losers”…but we as cyclists lose a little more in the eyes of the general public…

    “me ?…no…my dick will dent a car…careful big jonny…if a rash of oddly dented vehicles start showing up in flagstaff, that statement may be admissible evidence in court…& did i just use the word “rash” in conjunction w/…ah, never mind…

  13. BJ, I and deeply offended that you would rip off some of my nickname (that was righfully given to me by Juan Grande) to use for f-Landis. Call him whatever kind of menonite you wish but omit the sensation, i will boycott this website until otherwise remitance is printed.
    Mormon Sensation (OG)

  14. Paul Harakel,
    If I remember correctly, (and I admit I might not be), Floyds mother pretty much threw him under the bus when this whole thing started. I seem to remember her saying something to the effect of ‘if he’s guilty he should be punished’. His parents were pretty pissed off over his career choice to begin with. I don’t think she has her ‘head in the sand’, I think she doesn’t care.

  15. Mormon Sensation,
    Please forgive me, I never meant to compare your glory to that which one attains with a testosterone patch on the testicles.

    You sir, need no testosterone patch on your testicles.

  16. Sorry, but it’s bullshit.

    They will NEVER overturn any ruling…EVER…..

    Floyd had much more SCIENTIFIC data to prove himself and got buried 3-0

    Tyler, on the other hand, had a fucking unborn twin and got outvoted 2-1

    How can that be 2-1 and Floyd get 3-0

    P.S. Travis Tygart can go suck a big black dick

  17. TO add another comment

    I am in the process of treating with an endocrinologist because myn blood work came back with seriously low testosterone. When my endocrinologist was discussing the various “in-depth” blood marker tests for testosterone, he openly said “the testing assays used to evaluate these markers SUCK”. We got talking about Landis and he said “there is NO way with all of the flaws in the testing processes and the poor chemical assays available to evaluate testosterone and epitestosterone that this issue should have even gone this far.”

    Flawed tests, flawed testing procedures, flawed system