The Landis Letters

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I believe this to be a copy of the now infamous Floyd Landis email. Any misspellings or typos original.

2002: I was instructed on how to use Testosterone patches by Johan Bruyneel during the During the Dauphine Libere in June, after which I flew on a helicopter with Mr Armstrong from the finish, I believe Grenoble, to San Mauritz Switzerland at which point I was personally handed a box of 2.5 mg patches in front of his wife who witnessed the exchange. About a week later, Dr Ferrari performed an extraction of half a liter of blood to be transfused back into me during the Tour de France. Mr Armstrong was not witness to the extraction but he and I had lengthy discussions about it on our training rides during which time he also explained to me the evolution of EPO testing and how transfusions were now necessary due to the inconvenience of the new test. He also divulged to me at that time that in the first year that the EPO test was used he had been told by Mr Ferrari, who had access to the new test, that he should not use EPO anymore but he did not believe Mr Farrari and continued to use it. He later, while winning the Tour de Swiss, the month before the Tour de France, tested positive for EPO at which point he and Mr Bruyneel flew to the UCI headquarters and made a financial agreement with Mr. Vrubrugen to keep the positive test hidden.

2003: After a broken hip in the winter, I flew to Gerona Spain where this time two units (half a liter each) were extracted three weeks apart. This took place in the apartment in which Mr. Armstrong lived and in which I was asked to stay and check the blood temperature every day. It was kept in a small refrigerator in the closet allong with the blood of Mr Armstrong and George Hincapie and since Mr. Armstrong was planning on being gone for a few weeks to train he asked me to stay in his place and make sure the electricity didn’t turn off or something go wrong with the referigerator. Then during the Tour de France the entire team, on two different occasions went to the room that we were told and the doctor met us there to do the transfusions. During that Tour de France I personally witnessed George Hincapie, Lance Armstrong, Chechu Rubiera, and myself receiving blood transfusions. Also during that Tour de France the team doctor would give my room mate, George Hincapie and I a small syringe of olive oil in which was disolved andriol, a form of ingestible testosterone on two out of three nights throughout the duration.

I was asked to ride the Vuelta a Espana that year in support of Roberto Heras and in August, between the Tour and the Vuelta, was told to take EPO to raise my hematocrit back up so more blood transfusions could be performed. I was instructed to go to Lances place by Johan Bruyneel and get some EPO from him. The first EPO I ever used was then handed to me in the entry way to his building in full view of his then wife. It was Eprex by brand and it came in six pre measured syringes. I used it intravenously for several weeks before the next blood draw and had no problems with the tests during the Vuelta. Also during this time it was explained to me how to use Human Growth Hormone by Johan Bruyneel and I bought what I needed from Pepe the team “trainer” who lived in Valencia along with the team doctor at that time. While training for that Vuelta I spent a good deal of time training with Matthew White and Michael Barry and shared the testosterone and EPO that we had and discussed the use thereof while training.

Again, during the Vuelta we were given Andriol and blood transfusions by the team doctor and had no problems with any testing.

2004: Again the team performed two seperate blood transfusions on me, but this time Bruyneel had become more paranoid and we did the draws by flying to Belgium and meeting at an unknown persons appartment and the blood was brought by “Duffy” who was at that time Johans assistant of sorts. The second of which was performed on the team bus on the ride from the finish of a stage to the hotel during which the driver pretended to have engine trouble and stopped on a remote mountain road for an hour or so so the entire team could have half a liter of blood added. This was the only time that I ever saw the entire team being transfused in plain view of all the other riders and bus driver. That team included Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie and I as the only Americans.

2005: I had learned at this point how to do most of the transfusion technicals and other things on my own so I hired Allen Lim as my assistant to help with details and logistics. He helped Levi Leipheimer and I prepare the transfusions for Levi and I and made sure they were kept at the proper temperature. We both did two seperate transfusions that Tour however my hematocrit was too low at the start so I did my first one a few days before the start so as to not start with a deficit.

2006: Well you get the idea……. One thing of great signigicance is that I sat down with Andy Riis and explained to him what was done in the past and what was the risk I would be taking and ask for his permission which he granted in the form of funds to complete the operation described. John Lelangue was also informed by me and Andy Riis consulted with Jim Ochowitz before agreeing.

There are many many more details that I have in diaries and am in the process of writing into an intelligible story but since the position of USA Cycling is that there have not been enough details shared to justify calling USADA, I am writing as many as I can reasonably put into an email and share with you so as to ascertain what is the process which USA Cycling uses to proceed with such allegations.

Look forward to much more detail as soon as you can demonstrate that you can be trusted to do the right thing.

Floyd Landis


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51 Replies to “The Landis Letters”

  1. **** THIS JUST IN!****

    “Mellow Jonny’s” is now closings it’ doors…

    Detox center coming soon,stay tuned.
    (Lance you suck)

  2. This is all pretty ridiculous.

    Hasn’t Floyd learned? Nobody likes a snitch.

    Oohhh…what a total revelation. Riders doped in the early 2000s. Riders dope now. Riders will dope.

    Floyd is simply the Jose Canseco of professional cycling. Good luck getting anyone to believe him, regardless of whether he’s telling the truth or not (and he probably is).

    Also…who gives a crap if he confessed to his mom. It only took him (5) years.

  3. Is this ridiculous?

    Of course not.

    It shows us, the folks who have been calling him a doper ALL ALONG that we were fucking right. And you guys who kept denying it, probably donating to the Floyd defense fund, that you were fucking stupid to believe this cocksucker.

  4. …hey, dammit, there’s a fly in my chamois ointment…

    …speaking of flies, it’s gotta be an interesting morning @ the tour of california & i’d like to be a fly on the wall in today’s peloton…

  5. you said it BGW.

    is there a lot of chatter in the peloton, or anxious silence and clammy complexions.

    don’t forget the Giro too. The hotels in Brescia will have an interesting vibe about now..

  6. I’ll put it out there;

    Am I being naively optimistic or could this (and assoc fallout) actually affect the change that all the other events and efforts from Festina to Puerto failed to affect.
    I’m hopeful.


  7. this is one of the happiest days of my life. i expect armstrong will squeal like a stuck pig with all this. awesome!

  8. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that change. Floyd will be discredited, not a difficult task at this point, and the whole thing swept under the rug.

    And so it begins…

    “It’s our word against his word,” Armstrong said. “I like our word. We like our credibility. Floyd lost his credibility a long time ago.”

  9. Now would be a GREAT time for Tyler Hamilton to come clean about the extent of his doping and the support he received from his teams.

    Best contact info I could find was the address on the Tyler Hamilton Foundation website which appears to be his dad’s:

    I’ve sent a POLITE, RESPECTFUL note pointing out that Tyler has an opportunity in light of the Landis confession to corroborate some of his accusations and help clean up the sport. Who’s with me?


  10. Looks like Armstrong’s Career is coincidently over today. He just crash out of TOC and is off for Xrays along with half his team. If he doesn’t make it back for leTour he’s done racing forever me thinks.

  11. …the stupid thing would be to continue the charade…

    …there’s been so much talk about doping for years that the whole sport could come clean, nobody would really be upset anymore & they could more on…

    …but that would be too easy…

  12. “chechu, levi…help me out…i need a wheel overlap, gimme a crash…i’ve got more important things to do than ride this damn bike…i’ve got lawyers to talk to…damage control i gotta work on…sheesh, that fucking landis…i shoulda known, never trust a fucking mennonite”

    …oh, sorry…just daydreamin’…

  13. “It’s our word against his word,” Armstrong said. “I like our word. We like our credibility. Floyd lost his credibility a long time ago.”

    interesting. He doesn’t mention truth or lie.

    It’s just a comment on the disparity in stories between Floyd and himself and that he considers his own version to be more believable.
    It’s like he’s commenting on the success of his PR campaign against allegations of the past rather than actually defending himself.

    meh, I’m probably reading too much between the lines, and exposing my own prejudice in doing so..

  14. So, remember when Floyd was collecting money from the public ( for his defense? Is he going to refund the money now?

  15. Watch the fucking you tube interview of Armstrong. Smug MF. I hope Floyd wipes that shit right off his face. Typical passive agrressive Bullshit from Armstrong / Bruneel. He said he is not taking it to court, b/c he knows the whole shithouse and everything he stands for will go up in flames. Can”t fucking believe how smug he was. Can’t believe I ever supported his cancer efforts.
    Why can’t he just say, yeah, I fucking cheated like everyone else was doing, let’s move on….

    Oh, wait b/c that would make him the BIGGEST SPORTING FRAUD IN SPORTS FUCKING HISTORY….who is laughing at LeMond now?

  16. …kark…the headlines are all “in your face” right now but this isn’t “floyd against lance” even though it might get played that way in the press…

    …this is about a top gun, a tour de france winner saying “it’s all true…all those allegations about our sport, made by lesser lights who were caught, are true…this sport evolves around a hidden agenda”

    …& while i’ve joked about this story, what is sad is that literally floyd landis’s sanity & memtal stability as well as his already besmirched credibility will come into play, each & every time until this story dies…

    …also sad is that whether he was right or wrong in how he handled things from the beginning, floyd lost his life savings, his marriage & remember that his brother-in-law & assistant, i believe, took his own life when the first allegations surfaced after that tour debacle…that’s gotta affect a man no matter what his beliefs…

    …i hope the pressure doesn’t further destroy the man in that he’s already admitted to being weighed down by the situation…

  17. I have an inside source at the ATOC. She said that Levi visited Lance in the hospital and was visibly upset that he won’t be able to vampire any more of LA’s blood bags for the secret MOJO.

    As Levi was leaving LA said to him for all to hear. “no more MOJO for you little man. But I can set you up with some shagnasters outta my holy ass crack if you’d like.”

    Levi has indeed signed a deal with the Devil.

  18. “floyd landis’s sanity & memtal stability”

    …hmmm…this calls in my own “memtal” stability…or at least my attention span…doh !!!…

  19. BGW, you mention valid and real issues that Floyd undoubtedly has been dealing with.

    They aren’t and weren’t lost on me either. I won’t even try to imagine what it feels like to sustain massive losses on personal, peer, and financial fronts all at once.
    Any one of those is a pretty common catalyst for spiraling chronic depression. All three at once is unimaginable to me.

    That Floyd is still here after all that loss and doing this now says to me that with nothing left to lose he might as well try to rebuild some dignity and shed the burden of deceit. Indeed, maybe it’s an imperative for him regardless of outcome.

    I’m normally pretty cynical but I just don’t buy that he’s doing it for purely monetary motives.

    so, I hope it works out for him.

  20. Alright then.Can we now change this color to something other than yello? All I can think of is that stupid LiveWeak bracelet.

    But what about the good Lance did for Cancer? and.. and….

    You mean for the fucking doctors,Lawyers,Agents,Nike,Pharma,Bayer,Merck and few kids got stuff yes,because,that’s,good PR you know.

  21. As Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

    The question is whether you think these claims are extraordinary or not. If you don’t believe him (he is an extraordinary liar and betrayer, after all) you require exhaustive documentation that you’ll likely never get. If you _do_ believe him, you don’t need much evidence at all. All you need is someone else to corroborate what you already believe.

    Floyd is cycling’s current Rorschach blot.

  22. …kark…as janis joplin sang “when you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing left to lose”

    …& i live in a house where janis & big brother used to practice…in fact dave getz, her drummer is my good friend…

    …& no, i don’t believe for a minute, either, that this is about the monetary aspect…far from it…

    “Indeed, maybe it’s an imperative for him regardless of outcome.”…i think that is a very erudite assumption at this time & place…

    …regarding the timing, to put it in base terms, maybe floyd got tired of looking at lance’s smug face during toc broadcasts…& i’m not a lance “hater” by any means but despite a certain flair for being humble, he is a smug bastard…

  23. Interesting article passed on to me:

    “So burn down Babylon. Burn pro cycling down. There will still be racing, there will still be races. Burn it down, so we can build it up again new. I condemn Landis’ original decision to participate in a corrupt, immoral system. But I’ll stand in front of the flames with him and watch it burn.

    I’ll shake his smokey hand the next time I see him.”

  24. I have to agree with many of the previous posts…good on Floyd for coming clean…that probably felt good. Does anyone remember the guns-for-food exchange programs that happen from time to time? How about yellow wrist bands-for-beers program? I’m pretty sure our Flagstaff local Pay N’Take will participate.

  25. Direct quote from Floyd’s website (which surprisingly is still up):

    “Landis fought the system and became the first athlete to ever make his case public. Landis single handedly revolutionized the anti-doping system and his moral victory is seen as a victory for athletes everywhere.”

    So…about that revolution you mention…huh. Weird.

  26. How convenient for Lance to eat it today…whoever mentioned “passive aggressive” up above – right on! Remember the reporter who questioned him on doping a little while ago? He got a good taste of that shit. He’ll deny it, unfortunately, when he could just step up, admit it and admit that he’s simply a better doped up cyclist than all the other dopers he defeated 7 times, ha

  27. one has to wonder how many pints of blood LA lost enroute to the hospital…

  28. Man, if Floyd would have said this shit in ’06 when his tit was in the wringer, we wouldn’t even be discussing the validity of his claims. It’s like catching your kid in the cookie jar…eventually they tell their mom that they saw dad doing it too…I wish just once, ONCE, one of these cheatin’ fucks would just say “Yup, I did it. I doped ’cause that is the ONLY GODDAMNED WAY ANYONE CAN SURVIVE THOSE FUCKIN’ RACES, MUCH LESS ACTUALLY COMPETE IN THEM!”

  29. So what are you guys going to talk about on Monday when people have moved on to something else.

  30. Max Testa does the Big Flounce; “they’re all such good guys!”

    Leipheimer’s coach, Max Testa, denied any knowledge of any doping practices by his rider and expressed surprise in the timing of Landis’ announcement.

    “I have worked with Levi for four years and he is one of the last persons I’d think of would do something like that,” he said. “Most medical things are discussed between the team managers and medical staff for the teams, but Levi never talked about anything like that. He has a very strong work ethic and is one of the hardest training guys I know.”

  31. Even the June 2010 Bicycle magazine has an article about the prevalent doping in the amateur racing scene. Seems cyclist are willing to to dope to win a pair of socks.

  32. Hey Johnny, why do you get so pissed at doping in cycling and then every fall sit and watch the Eagles play in a completely doped up game? How come you’re not asking those athletes to prove they play “clean”?

  33. # kg Says:
    May 20th, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Hey Johnny, why do you get so pissed at doping in cycling and then every fall sit and watch the Eagles play in a completely doped up game? How come you’re not asking those athletes to prove they play “clean”?

    I’m guessing it’s because he was a cyclist, not a football player, though I can’t speak for anyone besides myself.

    Is there a sport that plays clean in 2010?

    Bet I can prove you wrong if you think there is. Even ping-pong.

  34. fuckin floyd landis is sitting his ass at home watching the TOC getting all fucking weepy cuz he ain’t there,is it any coincidence that he names the top three americans in the race right now,believe him or not he’s afucking pussy and if he was here right now i’d kick his sissy ass

  35. I assume they’re all dirty and don’t care if they are.

    But to make a fuss about cycling and “being lied to” and not about football seems really odd. Why demand one sport to be clean and not the other? There have been many Eagles football posts on this site over the years so there is some obvious passion there…. why not the same demands?

  36. Disappointment in Haiku:

    Fuck Floyd’s Fairness Fund

    Gimme my fifty bucks back

    Lying sack of shit

  37. I absolutely agree with you kg. As a fan of both myself, I am always amused/ befuddled at the reaction of “mainstream” sports fans when you suggest that doping is just as prevalent in “their” sports as it is in cycling. And whatever you do, never suggest to a die hard NASCAR fan that it’s fixed, or compare it to professional wrestling. Unless you want a really good laugh.

  38. KG – I think I have mentioned on these pages that the National Football League needs to get on top of both PEDs and the helmet / head injury issue. There isn’t a lot of NFL talk on this site, but there is some. Let me be clear. I believe that drug use is mandatory in the NFL. And, I believe that the NFL is going to have to deal with helmets (and collisions) as the population of former players matures and it becomes clear that more and more of these men suffer from the effects of repeated head trauma. There are big problems coming. And they are not going to go away.

    Floyd Landis is the story of the moment. This story just happened. Of course we’re talking about it. I could also write about what I’m going to do on the Fourth of July or a bike race in October. But what difference does it make in the end? We’re talking about Floyd Landis. You want to know what I’m going to write about on Monday? Check out the site Monday.

    Again, NFL, problems. Landis, current. I know my heroes do drugs. Just don’t lie to me about it.

  39. So, knowing full well that the NFL is full of doped up players, can you just sit and watch a game without thinking or caring about it?

  40. ” kg Says:
    May 21st, 2010 at 7:31 am

    So, knowing full well that the NFL is full of doped up players, can you just sit and watch a game without thinking or caring about it?”

    Thats the bitch of it all, isn’t it? I know these guys, know full well what they are doing. And yet, Every April my sorry ass is camped out in front of the TV marveling at the Roubaix, and I’m still taping the early show version of the Tour all July.

    These guys get away with it because we let them get away with it, because despite the fact that to us these races are nearly sacred, to them bottom line its a paycheck.