Caption this…

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Stumbled across this and got a good laugh at first. Then i got to thinking…If I were to go, how would it be? I sure don’t want to die from ‘Foreign Object left behind during surgery.’ but what really is a GOOD way to go?

Depending on how Germany plays tonight I guess it’s entirely possible I could be one of the Alcohol poisoning deaths, but then that would mean a whole WHOLE lot of beer. The stores are closed on sunday, and I’ll be damned if Im paying €1.75 instead of the usual .75¢ a pop at the gas-n-sip.


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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

19 Replies to “Caption this…”

  1. Where is the “Leadville” category? That bad boy kills dozens of people every effing year…

  2. Better odds of getting murdered than being hit by a car. Kind of comforting. I wear a helmet and have a gun. What more can a guy do?

  3. Before we get to the syllabus & text for our Introductory Epidemiology, I’d like to call your attention to this visual up on the board. Take a look, it’s enough to make a guy want to outside for a smoke. Especially the cancer deaths.
    The first part of the semester will be were the numbers come from, after the break, we’ll consider how they are used, and a short look at the end of the course, what do they mean to you?
    Now, as we
    (clutches chest, keels over, and dies on the spot)

  4. Not since Spain pushed the Muslims back into the sea has there been such an upset… Fernando Torres finally lived up to his billing as one of the world’s great strikers by scoring Sunday to give Spain a 1-0 win over Germany in the European Championship final.

    Take that you goose stepping, Wiener schnitzel eating, beer chugging Nazis.

  5. …hope you enjoyed the beer before & during the game cuz it was all sangria in the end…

    …just sayin’…

  6. By saying “IF I go…” I was meaning if I were to go TODAY.

    And you can’t go 20 meters without being assaulted by soccer here in Old Europe.

    WTF is football? Don’t you mean Soccer?
    Wrong season.

    Cycling? Yup, if you’re home all day and can sit around in your underpants drinking beer during the week while being fanned by bikini-clad college students. My life really is that wonderful.

    But that means you have to be a roadie-doper-freak and one of those I most certainly am not. I do like a grueling mountain stage though. Make those 58 kilo freaks earn their keep.

  7. Or you could go the way Spinal Tap’s drummer went: spontaneous explosion. Was that on the chart?


  8. so wrong but so funny:

    “Take that you goose stepping, Wiener schnitzel eating, beer chugging Nazis.”

    the chart? meh whatever