What’s Important in Life

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Today while I was at work and supposed to be working I came across this:


Take the time to read this and then think about what’s important in life?

Then leave a comment.


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15 Replies to “What’s Important in Life”

  1. Snake-

    Thanks for the note… I haven’t been reading Elden’s blog lately; last I’d heard, his wife was ahead of the disease. Man, that fucking sucks. I’m in Salt Lake City this week, which is where Elden lives… wish I could buy him a beer or clean his chain or something to help him out, but I’ll have to settle for thinking good thoughts.


  2. Word, Big Man. Mad Respect. Word.

    Good thoughts and prayers. And what Lance did was nice.

  3. Fatty is crushing me right now with his strength, love and pain. He is the original Stand Up Guy of all Stand Up Guys.
    Go Fatty and Susan, reach up and grab that miracle.

  4. …can’t begin to imagine what susan & fatty/eldon are going through right now…they’ve shown so much strength in the face of everything & now when good news would so be the right thing, the outlook is worse, not better…

    …sometimes, no matter whichever spirit, deity or lump of clay you believe in, you gotta pray for a miracle…

    …& lance, well whatever you think of lance’s racing career, now is a damn good time to put it all aside & realize the man is a giant when it comes to raising awareness & funds to combat the insidious fucking disease that is cancer…

    …while lance’s gesture is in one sense a small thing, it’s also a beautiful & unexpected way to extend a hand out to a deserving woman, from a man who not only beat the odds but a man who’s time is wanted by a lotta people…

    …WIN SUSAN !!! & thanks lance…

  5. I am guilty of hating on Lance …a lot. But I am not surprised that he did that at all.I hate dopers, and I believe until I leave this shitty world that he doped. he used to be my hero on the bike. Bitter, party of one your table is ready…I will never forget the damage that he has done to the credibility of my sport. but he also did two very good things that I will never forget. when I moved to Austin I got to meet him through my friend Morris. I was def.on the fringe, but I got to ride with him a few times (on the Mt. bike of all things), actually drank a Shiner with him on the back porch of his cabin by the Lake.
    Even though I had not seen or spoken to him in 5 years and he probably did not even remember who I was, he signed a book for me to give to a friend that had terminal cancer, and later signed and wrote a note to another friend with lung cancer and sent it to me. Say what you want about him as a cyclist, I still do. I hate Lance the cyclist but I applaud what he has done for the cancer community. i know that makes me a huge hypocrite but as an advocate he gives hope, and that is something no pharmaceutical company can bottle.

  6. …good post, humpty & i say “au contraire”…i don’t think you’re a hypocrite, but like a lot of us, you have understandably mixed emotions…

    …pour moi ???…whether “he did” or not, he was only one team leader in a peleton full of similar minded riders & directors…i’m not excusing what went on but if there is blame to be assigned, it’s ludicrous to blame one man when so many were involved…it was a “time” & the time is hopefully past…
    …& yes, there will always be fools willing to cheat…but hopefully there won’t be orchestrated team efforts now & w/ better controls, those individuals can be singled out…

    …anyway, i mentioned lance raising awareness & funds, but you brought up something more important to cancer patients & their families & that is hope…& you’re so right, it can’t be bottled, but our boy lance does bring it in spades…
    …so this time around it isn’t about bicycle racing but saving lives & we need to see him shine again, even more than those 7 TdF wins…

  7. Also Regardless of what people think of LANCE, we still have
    LAF thats tring to help fokes. Live Strong Means something to
    people suffering.Ive lost family to cancer its not pretty! before
    LAF and such.

    I was shocked bought a messenger bag online and it allowed me to donate to the cancer fund. wow! like this method!

    Thats dude Fat cyclist is a strong man and his wife. hang tuff


  8. Have been reading Fatcyclist for the past 2 years and he has always been a good read. When he announced Susans new fight with the big C it was heartbreaking. And then they had it slowed down and she even crewed for him at the Leadville 100 last year after just finishing chemo. And then this last round of news where the ugly little bastard has attacked her hard. It just chokes you up reading it. He is one strong man for sure.

    Good Karma for Fatty and Susan.

  9. I should be working on bill tracking and legislation, but I stopped to read your blog and now I am crying at my desk. Thank you for sharing this and for reminding me of what is important. I lost a friend (she was 28) to cancer and I think about her often and her strong will and resolve in the face of death. My heart goes out to Fatty and Susan.

  10. I lost my mother to cancer at a fairly young age. Wittnessing the process and ultimtly being the primary care giver is no small task. Anyone that has not gone through it will always be looking from the outside in. I wish there were the words to express how much strengh and how much coviction karen and fatty have. As for Lance who cares about his cycling. Cancer strips all of that away. The gesture is about one person reaching out to another in their time of peril. More people should stand up and take note of this simple yet very meainginful gesture. Stay strong and believe in the power of YOU!

  11. I dedicated my marathon to Susan last weekend. I cannot imagine what they are going through. Makes you fucking re-think your own bullshit, doesn’t it. We’re blessed. Don’t forget it.

  12. positive vibrations

    no matter what hang ups we have vs. the world. dying sucks.

    fuck cancer.

  13. Dammit, dammit, dammit. My heart goes out to Fatty and Susan and their kids. If only there were a way to turn wishes into wellness. If only I could make things better by pedaling harder. I swear I would turn 110 freaking rpm nonstop until my knees gave out. Not just for F and S, but especially for those men and women who do not have medical insurance and do not have someone like F and the cycling community to back them up.

    I was already planning to sign up for the local Susan Komen foundation 5K and raise some $$ for breast cancer research. Now –sadly– I have another heartbreaking reason to do so.

  14. oh man, that dude Fatty is top-shelf and I am not a praying man but here I am doing it anyway for his wife Susan.

    That post made me need a cigarette and want a drink.

  15. May as well post here; it’s put in on Fatty’s site.

    My mom had it twice & made it; 25 years later my sister had it twice & didn’t.
    Give up & Fight some more.
    Give up again & fight.
    Even reading, my sister’s favorite pursuit in life, was too much in the last weeks.
    We didn’t spend enough time, simply talking, or just being together.
    Talk to the docs, get a research person,..a reference librarian..to run everything you know through the Nexus database..nothing moves faster than cancer data.
    Fight. Even if you know you won’t win, maybe you just buy time..and that’s ..something.
    Talk to the docs, read the notes in the medical record.
    MD Anderson & Dana-Farber, we didn’t always seek treatment there, but they always helped.

    And something I didn’t put, in ’99, the real end took about 2 weeks.