Biker Down – Bob Cesca

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From: Bob
Subject: I got hit by a car

My name is Bob Cesca. I’m a blogger for the Huffington Post. I’m also a cyclist and a daily reader of I know you’ve been documenting car vs. cyclist accidents, so I thought I’d tell you about mine. On Friday I was riding through Wernersville Pennsylvania when a carload of distracted teenagers made a right-hand turn at an intersection
— cutting me off and forcing me to slam into the side of their stupid car.

But I’m lucky in that I only *almost* broke my back when I hit the
pavement. Fortunately, the doctors at the ER determined that I only strained a bunch of muscles. Suffice to say, I won’t be riding for a couple of weeks while I recover. The Percocet is awesome.

Please continue to get the word out about stupid dingus drivers. I think what saved me was an awareness of how to deal with this kind of situation — I tried to turn with the car, but couldn’t turn fast enough to avoid the impact. But it helped.

Bob Cesca
Huffington Post

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8 Replies to “Biker Down – Bob Cesca”

  1. Get well, Bob! Guess Huffington’s no longer a drugfree workplace, eh?

  2. Bob is there someway I can link to your accident in my blog? You can leave me a comment on my blog to let me know. My blog is almost entirely dedicated to reporting on bike safety, with a little politics thrown in when it has some kind of impact on bike safety, like the McCain/Clinton Gas Tax Holiday proposal…


    PS I’ll even let you know my real name.

  3. Glad your generally alright. Take care of that back. I “almost broke” mine about ten years ago, too, in a traffic accident (got rear-ended hard and bent my seat in half in the middle), and still have occasional pain from it. Early physical therapy can keep that to a minimum. Insurance companies like to pretend that soft tissue injuries are no big deal, and yet…

  4. Bob, your personal site crashed my browser twice, shut down every open window I had…

    And ditto on the physical therapy, get the best you can. I wish my PT had been better and earlier than 6 months after the wreck. Well they couldn’t do much in the way of PT until all the injuries had been found and fixed, they didn’t find out the knee was screwed until trying to rehab the broken hip, and wrangling with the insurance company over that one took a freaking lifetime, during which time my hip muscles deteriorated and left me with permanently restricted range of motion and atrophied muscles. Learn from my misfortunes.

  5. …glad things are no worse than they are, bob…those mindless idiots could have killed you simply cuz ‘having a good time’ is more important than paying attention, even when lives are involved…

    …hope ya get back to strength asap…