poem for thursday

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Signature Move

I went home for a funeral.
My Grandfather just died,
and the weekend was going to be difficult.
Troy thought it might cheer me up.
Sure he was 50 and fat
and his tan looked cancerous,
but it really was Snuka,
grinding it out for Midwest Renegade Wrestling.

After a few under cards Snuka took the ring.
He won, of course.
He even did his signature “Superfly” move.
Off the top rope, spread eagle,
slamming into that poor bastard
that made 65 bucks to lose
to Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
15 years after his career ended.
That poor bastard.

After his match Snuka walked back into the ring,
holding a plastic K-mart bag
with a Sharpie and a Polaroid camera in it.
Five dollars and you could get your picture
taken with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.
He signed it right there for you.
I got one, so did Troy.
It looked like he could use the money.

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About Pineapple

He tried to call himself, "Malibu." But, you know the rules - you don't get to pick your own nickname. The word "pineapple" came to mind. Sorta tropical, spikey & rough, sweet on the inside. And so a nickname was born. "Bike mechanic, poet, sage, former collegiate hockey star. Ok, maybe not a star." (This should really be updated. He works for New Belguim now.) "i am full time bicycle mechanic, and all around nice guy. like to ride bikes, but not very far. like poetry, candle-light dinners, and short walks on the beach. i don't like getting hassled, and i don't like capitalization." Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

7 Replies to “poem for thursday”

  1. In 1983 I saw Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka take on Big John Stud at some civic center in Wildwood, NJ. It was awesome! I was sitting next to a pair of middle-aged, tooth-less twin cows that appeared to have been “piney-people”. They were doubled over crying and moaning….literally….when Snuka appeared to be in big trouble. For the first time I discovered that some people actually thought pro wrestling was real.

    That was a great week. We just graduated from high school, and I had my brother’s military ID. His listed weight and height were 210 and 6’2″. I was 150 and 5’8″. The local beer store could care less.

    I am approaching the 210 these days.

  2. my goal in life is to make a living carrying a plastic K-mart bag
    with a Sharpie and a Polaroid camera in it. My signed pics are $10, but I am willing to drop my pants.

  3. What’s wrong with living in the Pine Barrens? And what do you mean Pro Wrestling isn’t real? In his prime Superfly was the most awesome pro wrestler ever.

    Damn shame Snuka has to sell polaroids after those phenomenal years of taking ‘roids.