Trek v. Lemond

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Lance-Trek decided to dump Greg Lemond. Lemond was suing them it looks like. Because they were dissing Lemond Bikes, I think. That’s what is alleged in the complaint, read items 9-13 here, Lance-Trek provides the link. Lance Trek Bikes

Greg Lemond just isn’t enough of a whore. Because if he was, when confronted with the reality (IMHO) that Lance was a EPO using, steroid injecting, HGH sucking, cortisone salving mangy dog he just would of went for the cash and praised Lance like the rest of the marketing pinheads.

Now, Armstrong does a great job with the LA Cancer Foundation and all that. I’d give them money any day, every day. But that fucking duality is just part of being human. Because no matter how you slice it, putting out well over 400 watts sustained at 155# is just fucking Hot Rod blood, as Alexi would say.

So fucking Greg, impulsive guy that he is, commented on reality here and there. All of a sudden, he can’t be a good enough Lance Trek whore, because talking about the reality of PEDs, just doesn’t put you into that Emperor’s Club class of whore that Lance-Trek requires in whoredom.

You know what? Fuck it. I can’t keep my mouth shut either. I’ll be buying Lemond’s (have two so far) Bikes. Lance-Trek Bikes? Fuck them. I’ll buy none. I’m not going to support a company that not only didn’t get on the anti PED wagon, but actively, IMHO, tries to cover up stark, naked, fucking reality. I am with the truth, and I am voting Obama too.

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“Long time cyclist, skier and purveyor of all that is good in this life.” SLC, Utah, USA

53 Replies to “Trek v. Lemond”

  1. ” But that fucking duality is just part of being human. Because no matter how you slice it, putting out well over 400 watts sustained at 155# is just fucking Hot Rod blood, as Alexi would say.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks.

    Lemond was/is the best American ever. He did all the races on the calender, not just the whore de france. Lemond is a champion.

  2. I already own one Lemond. And it is fucking bitch’n.

    Tomorrow, I’m riding that one to work.

    I’m buying a lottery ticket this week. And if I hit, I’m going to make Lemond Bicycles the biggest thing since sliced bread.

    Lance Armstrong’s problems with doping allegations has nothing to do with Greg Lemond. Instead, I believe it has everything to do with the fact that he used drugs during his cycling career.

  3. First off, they both doped. PEDs always have and always will be part of the road-toad culture. Win at any cost. Like Greg was actually sick when he drop out of his last Tour. Too many years of too many drugs. At least Greg has showed some signs of humanity or humility, being a lush… But like Ted said, at least he showed up at the other races. Lance is a D-Bag, I hope Sheryl kicked him in the nut when she left his sorry doping ass.

  4. ah’d likes me some tet de course if’n ah had sum loot.
    two alpha dogs, tryin’ to circle the same bone in wisconsin – this fights been spoilin’ for years. greg aughta go small batch with different builders, like hampsten. not that i should know or say what a champ should do with his legacy. maybe musseuw has some extra flax…

  5. …despite what i’ve seen & heard, i’ll always have a begrudging respect for both these bike ‘whores’…i also find the two of them to be disappointing for different reasons…

    …their accomplishments, in their respective eras, considering the major health roadblocks they both transcended, are phenomenal…

    …& the drugs of choice in cycling’s eras parallel what’s happening in day to day medicine…good or acceptable ???…no fucking way…unfortunately i now have to accept that probably every pro cyclist i’ve ever admired has utilized ‘something’ whether they fully understood the implications or not…

    …sore knees ?…ah, oui, ‘ere’s a shot of le cortisone, monsieur lemond, monsieur kelly, monsieur merckx, oh & a petite bit of something else to ‘balance’ out those effects…l’enhance ?…oh, non, non, monsieur, not unless you accept le fait that you can’t continue w/out it…oui, oui, it is ‘armless to you & your performance…

    …greg wants to see the sport cleaned up…great, so do most people…his say will carry weight because of his accomplishments, but individual finger pointing w/ out evidence simply creates ill will…read the transcripts…he’s straight out said both landis & armstrong have made an admission of doping to him…

    …excuse me but wtf…armstrong is so bloody private & close lipped that he wouldn’t admit to farting loudly in a empty room if there were only you & him & it stained his chamois…

    …anyway, business is business…lance won seven tours on treks (ya, ya, lets forget allegations for a minute) which accounts for a much greater financial model than lemond…
    …trek has given lemond the best financial years of the brands existence & yet greg continues his here say accusations against armstrong & then files papers against his parent company for not being supportive of his brand…
    …the accusations are his opinions & granted he may be right but w/ out proof this doesn’t make good business sense & some folks just tire of his always playing ‘holier than thou’ which may be affecting business…

    …so now lemond will find a new owner & he can continue his tirades, if he wishes & the absolving of the partnership makes it all a moot point…nothing solved, nothing gained & ultimately nothing will be lost…

  6. …makes it all a moot point…

    Ooooo…perhaps Moots will buy LeMond?

  7. I have an older LeMond Poprad that was made in the USA. . . I practically threw some crappy looking Trek out of my way to get to the babe when I first saw it in the bike shop. It wasn’t even the most expensive bike there, but it looked like it was on the wrong rack next to those other piles.

  8. Ironic in that Greg is the last Tour winner free of any suspicion at all.

    Treks failures have nothing to do with Greg. They fail to recognize that riders want the options of after market componetry and informed mechanics working on their bikes; all of which do not fit in thier Superstore mentality

    At least now we might even consider the benefits of a Lemond frame because it won’t have any of the overpriced underperforming Bontrager crap on it.

    Hery Trek. No one gives a fuck about Lance any more. The story is tired. No one gives a fuck about Astana as well.

    Fuck Trek

  9. You guys slay me. Lance was/is Trek’s poster boy and probably best marketing tool they ever had…and Lemond is taking shots at him in the media? What the hell is Trek supposed to do? Lemond shouldn’t have bit the hand that feeds him. This is about money and bike sales…nothing else. If Lemond wants to crusade thats fine and I hope that he legitimately finds tons of shit on Lance and other dirty riders. However, he has to decide whether he wants to sell lots of bikes or crusade…because apparently they are like oil and vinegar. Tasty..but don’t mix. And now I realize that I just typed pretty much what bikesgonewild said…fuck it..I wasted time on this so I’m posting it anyway.

  10. Guys-

    I have two steel LeMonds in the stable here, a Buenos Aires and a shiny new Poprad ‘cross rig. The B.A. was a bit too flexy for my tastes (hey, it was my first “real” road bike) but I love the Poprad with its disc brakes and run it with fenders as my rain bike.

    Evil_Bumpkin has it right: this pissing contest is about selling bikes. I can’t see how Trek has impaired LeMond, seems dumb for Greg to attack them if he wants to sell bicycles.

    Laker Girl also makes a good point: Trek’s megastore mentality is stoopid. My Poprad was presumably assembled in Taiwan and scarcely checked by the big LBS where I bought it. The external bottom bracket cup wasn’t properly torqued, working loose on a long gravel ride this past winter. When the cup backed out until it was rubbing the crank arm, I was left stranded on a gravel trail over ten miles from home, with darkness falling on a damp Seattle winter night. I was not amused.


  11. From a litigation standpoint, this is going to be a great fight. I can’t wait to watch it. Trek’s complaint is really a piece of work; I love how they actually manage to call LeMond a whiny little bitch in a federal court filing. That takes balls. Or one big one, anyway.

  12. I’ll take Lance’s life over Greg’s anyday. Hotter chicks and a bigger bank account. Screw riding and accomplishments. Greg never banged Crow. Now that is an accomplishment.

  13. Actions speak louder than words. whether you belive Lance or not Trek has never taken a stance on his doping history. His teammates got caught or admitted as much. Doping probably contributed to his cancer (see winning ‘roid photo of 1993 World’s) Well, boo if you want, you know I’m right…He only left cycling before he got caught. Lance is also rich which is why no one will come out on him b/c of potential legal issues. It will happen though, when someone has nothing to lose.
    Trekrosoft also sponsors Astana… and before you go on the Levi band wagon, realize that he has been linked to Ferrari too. (see article of when they were both checked in to Hotel on Tennarife hmmmm). On that note I feel more sorry for Horner than Levi. Johan doped, rode for Manaolo Saiz, who yep is linked to doping. (see also Liberty Seguros, Vino, Alex Zulle, etc. etc. ) I mean come on TREK, take a fucking stance against….no stance is enabling it. Supporting these teams and Lance is like supporting it .

    I am not saying that Lemond is a saint, I am coninced they all did. but he has NEVER been implicated in any way and he speaks out. If it were not for Lemond there would be no Lance, even Lance said that. If you support anti-doping, then you have to admire Lemond’s balls and question why Trek continues to whore themselves out for the almighty dollar.

    Trek is trying to be the Microsoft of bikes. Buying up names like Fisher, Bontrager, and Lemond. They take them and then whore them out for $ and then shit on them. Kind of like Lance does to any friend who does not do what he wants. (see Kevin Livingston) I hope that Lemond wins, I hope that Trek ends up sucking hind tit.

  14. Bush43, take your blinders off. Bikesgonewild and Evil_Bumpkin bring up good points…read their comments.
    The only thing that I will ad is this: LeMond, you should have made a graceful exit. Yes you were a great cyclist. Clean? I doubt it…That needle they stuck in you wasn’t saline. Now you just seem like a pissed off has been who longs for the spotlight again. Go hunting.

  15. …big jonny…thanks for that link…you show good impartiality cuz i know you don’t agree w/ it…

    …either way, padraig is an excellent writer just as belgium knee warmers is an always excellent read…

    …& cmc, anybody looking for a good litigious fight oughta look elsewhere…this one’s gonna be “boom, boom, out go the lights”…

    …btw, despite my not sounding very pro-lemond on the issue, when it comes to trek, i got nothin’…i’m a disappointed fan of both lemond & armstrong, who were amazing world championship caliber bicycle racers in their eras…
    …& due to old industry ties, i could probably be riding the latest trek or lemond but glad i’m not on either…

    …anyway, this is just more bullshit heaped on a sport already mired in it…

  16. In protest, please use duct tape or e-tape to cover t-rec logos.
    together we can make a diffrence. LOL

    people keep asking me ” why free tibet ” hmmm

  17. Greg is a whiner and has been in Sour Grapes mode for years.
    Lance is not an angel. While racing road bikes in norCal in the mid 90’s and early 200’s, it seemed to be widely rumored and accepted that greg was the pioneer of EPO. Never saw any proof but it seemed to almost just become a common knowledge/assumption. take that how you like it.

    But I do not agree with the part that Greg is cool because he said to hell with the money and spoke his mind. He hates not being the greatest american cyclist ever. Also, now that LeMond bikes sales are in the millions. Does anyone think that maybe Greg wanted to server ties, and use the money in the suit start do LeMond bikes and not split the $$ with Trek. greg has never known to be a smart business man. He should have shut up and kept counting the $$$.

    And… I did a ride with Greg when he announced his lame ass exercise bikes. There were about 50 people on the ride and Greg only talked to one guy who used to race juniors with him in the old days.

    the guy is a turd.

  18. …non sequitur…FUCK YOU, government of china…

    …your world wide ‘celebration of the olympic’s torch relay’ is a fucking paramilitary exercise…

    …here in the bay area, the ‘relay’ is still going on but the route was completely changed in secret…subterfuge was used to make people believe it would start where announced, diversions were used in several places to mislead folks & everywhere was guarded by more cops, police vehicles & bullshit than you’ve got troops on the ground in Tibet…
    …but hey, so far there is little violence & no actual attacks on the torch as in london & paris, so now you can spin something out of all that & mislead more people…

    …several torchbearers have said they were surrounded by so much security that they could hardly see the folks on the sides of the road…

    …what a sad, sorry display, in that the world would rather protest the ideals that the government of china represents than celebrate the coming of a worldwide sporting event…

  19. BGW, et al-

    The Olympics have been more of a commercial marketing venture than sport for decades. I don’t even understand the appeal any more.

    I used to like to watch the Nordic skiing (all those guys are juiced to the gills) and the alpine slalom because it is so technical (like sixty gates in 45 seconds) but that’s it.


  20. Sour Grapes? Are you joking? What on earth whould he be upset about? So you are saying that when Lance got his 3rd Greg went off and when Lance got his 4th he was really pissed. That is the ‘hastiest’ generalization I have ever heard

    rationalize your thought process tool

  21. Mikey goes from myopia man to Dogmatic in like one day. On a roll bra and you slept on it

    Alpine Slalom is the bomb I’ll give you that and the combined is nothing less than real skill and it is timed not judged


    So Mikey are you saying that if you trained all your life you would walk away from China and a medal shot to make a personal statement for humanity?

    Good Call LG BTW

  22. OH and greg is cool because he said hell with the money and spoke his mind!

  23. …plain & simple…it’s a fucking business venture & ya don’t crap in the boardroom…

    …greg did just that several times & was warned about it…he was told he was welcome to protest doping in cycling all he wanted but not to point fingers at other ’employees’ using unsubstantiated evidence…read the transcripts…

    …so look at it this way…if you think greg is doing a good job getting results in the fight to stop doping, then accept that trek is giving him the opportunity to continue to do so, just not under their auspices or from their boardroom…

  24. “Alpine Slalom is the bomb I’ll give you that and the combined is nothing less than real skill and it is timed not judged”

    Mr Butthead, et al-

    Slalom requires an INSANE amount of edge control… these are the types of skiers that are not allowed to “free ski” at all, it’s bashing gates or nothing at all. Look at the combined and frequently over half of the competitors DNF the slalom portion!!

    “So Mikey are you saying that if you trained all your life you would walk away from China and a medal shot to make a personal statement for humanity?”

    I don’t know enough about Tibet to comment, except to say that driving around Seattle in a Volvo SUV with a “free Tibet” sticker ain’t getting it done… Morons. And I don’t care about the Olympics in any country, China or otherwise. Train all your life for a marketing exercise? No thanks.


  25. Mikey,

    Why don’t you go get kidnapped and have some new words happen to you. say et al one more time, I am gonna hurl. It ain’t all about marketing, it is about representing your sport to the world and competing against the best. Training 4 years for one event. I will give you that it is not as pure as it was back in the day, but it is the oldest sporting event in the world period, and to say that if you were actually good enough and you would not do it is total BS.

  26. Dick Pound ruined the Olympics. He was in charge of negotiating all of the TV contracts and sponsorship deals starting in the late 70s…

  27. trek still sucks! hey big john how did the leeemond hold up on the
    way to work.. race report please :)

    trek fest over? LOL

  28. Lemond is a whiney bitch. If there were a viable vial of his blood left in Dick Pound’s fridge, we wouldn’t be hearing from him. He’ll do anything to keep his name from being overshadowed in the history books. He kicks up more dirt than Lindsay Lohan to keep the press from forgetting about him. Next up – Celebrity Fit Club. The Todd Bridges of cycling.

  29. When I was younger, Greg Lemond was a god.
    Full of buckshot, piss and vinegar.

    Hinault, Merckx, Moser.
    The greats age gracefully and command respect.

    Lemond is a bitter bitch that demands respect.
    Full of vinegar, like a douche.

  30. …jake17…wow…

    …like it or not, there is a truthful eloquence to what you are saying…

    …what a shame greg denigrates his own amazing cycling accomplishment’s w/ whatever his constant need is…

    …i’ll always have a respect for greg lemond but it will be forever tempered by the nonsensical (in my opinion) actions we all witness…

  31. So mikey says HE can find the inside edge of his outside ski. Yea like Ski Patrol maybe. Throwing frisbees and wiggling your ass is a technique saved for the beach, biatch

    Real Skiers free ski bro. not stand in line at the start gate waiting to go. Free ride or whatever they call it

    Viva Scott Schmidt and you girl friend’s a Mitt

  32. “Why don’t you go get kidnapped and have some new words happen to you. say et al one more time, I am gonna hurl. It ain’t all about marketing, it is about representing your sport to the world and competing against the best.”

    Mr. Humpty-

    Hold that thought.


  33. “Real Skiers free ski bro. not stand in line at the start gate waiting to go. Free ride or whatever they call it”

    Mr. Butthead-

    Free skiers will never ever have the technical expertise to ski slalom at the FIS level. I’ll be on the hill at Kirwood CA today. c’mon out, let’s rip a few vertical miles of bumps. Awoo.


  34. TREK is in lawsuit frame of mind. They file trademark oppositions as the wounded plaintiff all the time, heck, if any of you had a company name with a ‘trek’ or phonetic equivalant (treq, trec, trax, track, trex, traxx and etc) they would endeavor to pull you down, you don’t have to say anything bad about them or their sponsored athletes. This is just how the system works. They filed a lawsuit against a disabled veteran startup business who can ill afford the attorney fees associated with their legal tactics. A half billion dollar annual sales corporation plays tough. Money is what counts in the business world, people are second.
    see the following com

  35. I started following in Lemond’s last season with Z or what ever that team was called. I had more fun watching Steve Bauer finishing out his career than anything else.

    Good post Stephen. Thanks for that little tidbit. I’m no fan of Trek – nor of Lemond – and this gives me another reason (like I needed anymore) not buy one of their tupperware bikes.

  36. My first cycling heroes were Lemond, John Tomac, Ned Overend and Nelson Vails.

    And name Mr. Shaftesbury as one of the late members the Emperor’s Club is too ironic and funny.

  37. “how many of you were even fans of cycling before Lance won the tour?”

    1985 – the year Lemond first made things interesting on La Vie Claire and the first of many times I watched the Sommers brothers race the Hell of the West in “American Flyers”.

  38. I started riding and racing near the end of Lemond’s career (1989 was my first mountain bike race). I remember when some cocky, punk kid named Lance won the world championships.

    I got the chance to hang out and drink with Nelson Vails a few years back, when he was in town for a shop function. He’s one of the nicest and approachable cycling stars I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. If Lemond and Armstrong could behave like Vails or Overend they’d be much better people…

  39. memo to mikeyhunt

    if you are able to tell us you are drunk all the damn time you probably are not

    google that one

  40. “memo to mikeyhunt
    if you are able to tell us you are drunk all the damn time you probably are not”


    Naw, man, I work for a living, I’m drunk less than half the time.

    Kirkwood was flippin’ sweet, dude, I loves me some corn snow. Awoo.


  41. …el jefe…word, as you kids say…

    …only ever said hi to the pleasant mr vails but i know mr overend enough to say that he is a gracious & straight up individual…

    …again, lemond AND armstrong are celebrated litigious “cycling personalities”…

    …both are now “litigious personalities” & as far as “celebrated cyclists”…hmmmm, not so much…