Tuesday Bunk

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Since Juan Grande is a sick man (did anyone ever doubt it) somebody needs to step up around here. Damn. Looks like you’re left with me.

So last weekend we learned how they say Stallion in Switzerland: Cancellara. That man won it old-timey style.

I was a proponent, for awhile, of dirty racing – i figured that the top 10 dudes were on roughly the same meds, and you were still seeing the hardest man at the end of the day. I think that no more. If the peloton is cleaning up (and Julich says it is, so we gotta believe) and this is the new paradigm, we’re in for good times. Doubt it? Watch the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne free highlight reel on Cycling.tv. it made me giddy.

That cycling.tv thing might just get my money. as a cheap racer, nobody gets my money. but they might. although it’s better to ride than to watch. That’s how we do it here on Saturdays. come one come all.

Gotta wish the Canadians well in Beijing. They have, after all, made Flagstaff their winter training home for 2 or 3 years now. We’ve all benefitted. Hopefully they have too. But may the wind be in the face of the Chinese organizers.

one other fun Flagstaff bit: this man trains on our trails. and yes, he runs this beautifully.

That’s enough linkage to keep you clicking and staring at your screen pretending to work for awhile.

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2 Replies to “Tuesday Bunk”

  1. …flags…yer “it’s better to ride than to watch” link was a great little video to introduce us to the area…big sky, awesome scenery w/ the mountain in the distance, the pines, the leftover snow in the fields but a dry, clean road…nice…

    …& the road traffic ???…don’t know if that’s typical for a saturday but i see more cars any day of the week just riding 1/2 a mile downtown & i live in a pretty small california town…

    …enjoy, dude, enjoy & ya, i know there’s gotta a downside…