South of the border report

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From: Pistol Pete
Subject: Re: Touring Mex
Well fuck, Back in Mazatlan. After the southland it seems cold here. Of course it is a tropical place . I was out at the end of the suburban sprawl (yeah, here too) today and found an ocelot trackin’ me. First one I’ve seen in like eight years.

The bulldozers have reached right up to the edge of the jungle. Or to be more correct, Sinaloan thornscrub. You get to a riparian area and it’s jungle though. Holy Moroni, this is good ridin’! So anyhow this ocelot must have had his hangout right nearby and been rudely surprised to find a gravel pit in the neighborhood. I was sneakin’ round lookin’ for a route through the area when, dismounted and pushing, I see him blasting out of a deep shade and making for the weeds. Checking his tracks, he’s a good sized beast. Front paw prints are as wide as my hand!

I sniff around a little more then head over to a ramada I saw on the way up to talk to the workers there. They seem stoked to hear about wildness still about, bein’ a couple of country boys.

I’m back here due to a dental emergency, fuck me. I got a dentist, WAY better than the one I’m forced to visit in the States, fucker shoots me straight. Last couple days it’s been a drag to be around me. Good thing that license to kill is still in the works, or I’da smoked a lot of “innocent” motherfuckers. Molar pain can make a man touchy, don’cha know.

Anyhow, Mazatlan is a pretty area for casual ridin’. Rooms are cheap, the seafood is the freshest and nearly primeval riding is less than forty minutes from oldtown. The only downside is the traffic getting out of the centro. Busses and taxis and new drivers license holders. Now it ain’t as bad as Puerto Vallarta, nothing could be, but it’s still a challenge for sure. So, I got a few days more to roll and sniff before the dental issues are resolved. I’m off now to meet some bros for a ceviche and cervesa feast. Maybe the ocelot will be a jaguar before the evening is done…Pistol

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