Hump Day

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K-BILLY’s Super Sounds Of The Seventies Weekend just keeps on coming with this little ditty…

President Bush continues to dispute all the predictions that his presidency will go down in history as a miserable failure.

Or, as he put it in an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News over the weekend: “It’s very hard to write the future history of America before the current history hasn’t been fully written.”

But with the economy tanking, the war in Iraq dragging on, our nation’s moral standing in ashes and voters hungering for a new direction, how exactly does Bush intend to go out a winner?

One possible answer: Try to change the subject back to 9/11.

Yep. He’s actually boldly going where others fear to tread. Well, after Giuliani’s implosion can you blame those “others”? The Clash may have said Rudy Can’t Fail, but this Rudy can and did. All the while beating 9/11 into the goddamn ground. Have fun out on that lecture circuit, Rude Boy. I hope those millions taste nice.

Read the rest of the Return of the 9/11 President. There is a whole lot more in that piece than I’ve quoted above. And most of it will drive you to drink. And by “you” I pretty much mean “me”.

Can I just mention that I fucking hate Chris Wallace of Faux News? That guy takes the cake. I think he’s bucking for Tony Snow’s old job. Fucking asswipe.

And now for something completely different: This bike is beyond pimp. One of the coolest things I’ve ever laid eyes on. And I’d like to lay a whole lot more than just my eyes on here in a town near you. Maybe even next week. It’s the speedvagen!

From: Marty
Subject: its that time again…
So here are just SOME of the prizes on offer at Saturday’s race in the beautiful McDowell Mountain Park. Yeah, that’s right. Cases of it. As if the beer was not enough, they’ve got some cash to give away too….

Ugh. The email & pic are from a race last weekend, not this coming weekend. It just took me a few days (read: a week) to read the email and post it here. Sue me.

This coming weekend is the Old Pueblo. And that is an altogether different excuse to drink with Marty. Aside from the fact he looks great in a dress.

Regardless – Marty has PBR stacked to the moon!

In other fun drinking news:

If you like beer and you like maps, then you may have found the right place. is a project by someone who likes knowing exactly where he is and how far he needs to go for good beer.

Oh yes, it’s true. Take a look: You know, in case stumbling to the fridge for another ice cold can of Tecate is getting old. It’s not for me, but thanks for asking.

I’m gonna beat up on Rude Boy Giuliani some more. Just because he’s a douche and I hate everything in the world right about now.

Winding down a presidential campaign that sputters — like cleaning up after one of those great Hollywood epics that remain unfinished — can be a complicated, joyless task. After the dream dies, there are lots of bills to pay and loose ends to tie up.

A half-dozen senior officials of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee conferred this week on how to wind down their affairs, and at least one piece of their correspondence painted what appeared to be a bleak picture of the dormant campaign’s financial situation.

“We are deeper in the hole than I thought we would be,” John Gross, the campaign’s treasurer, wrote in an e-mail message to several senior campaign aides that was obtained by The New York Times.

“Windown is likely to be less than projected, but travel expenses are higher,” Mr. Gross continued. “We cannot prefer any one creditor. We probably could make a 10% payment to all qualified creditors at this point, but probably not much more.” Read more:

And, yes, credit where credit is due and all that: Thanks to for leading the way on that one.

Just in case you’re thinking it’s just Rude Boy Giuliani spending money like it’s going out of style:

The presidential field has dwindled significantly, but not before the candidates raised more than half a billion dollars in 2007. By some predictions, the eventual nominees will need to raise $500 million apiece to compete—a record sum. To find out where all this money is coming from, click on the candidates’ names below and explore the options to the left. The candidates now file campaign finance reports monthly. Check it:

Now that’ll inspire some confidence!

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