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I was trading emails back and forth with my man Chris about bands a while back (as in years ago). I sent him two vids of Hum playing on some dumbass old show called 120 Minutes or twelve seconds or something like that. I want my MTV. They aired back in ’95 or ’96.

Chris came back like, “I had no idea those guys rocked so hard.”

Anyway, I posted both of ’em on DC back in 2006 and the youtube links are down “due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.” Whatever. You guys don’t have enough money already? Why you breaking my fucking balls? I’m trying to run a website here!

And now they’re in Cadillac commecial. Does that mean they made it?

Here are the vids, in all their crappy glory, again:

I’d Like Your Hair Long


If that band did one thing – it was rock. More of their stuff here:

As a side note, another Cadillac commercial tune worth mentioning is the seriously cool Punkrocker by the Teddybears off their album Soft Machine. Trust me.

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12 Replies to “Hum”

  1. I saw these guys back in, like 1994, in Albuquerque, NM at the Golden West Saloon. They were great. They were asking the audience for coke because they “were here to party!”

    Great show, love ’em too.

    You know the Archers of Loaf? They too rocked.

  2. I still give Hum a listen no and again, but I thought I was the only one who recognized them on the Caddy commercial.

    I had no idea that the singer was 16 yr old Bill Gates look alike though!

  3. man i always have dug HUM. the singer formed another band a while ago (can’t remember the name) but it just wasn’t HUM. Green To Me (the song on the caddy commercial) is one of my all time fav songs.

  4. Archers of Loaf bring back good memories indeed… nostalgia!

    Similar to a poster above, I saw The Ramones in ’87 and I was somewhat star stuck. I tried to make small talk with Dee Dee and he asked “Got any coke?… No? Next?”

  5. Enough teeny-bop rock. I move away Jonny and now your gay. what next? I heard Fu Manchu ( a real band ) during a commercial at some point throughout my drunken stupor that most ‘Mercans call the Stupor Bowel. uh, I mean stupid bowl.

  6. Hum, great until you listen to the lyrics. By all rights, the singer should have died from masturbatory auto-asphyxiation anyway…