Monday morning link dump

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Same drill – I gots all kinds of shit going on. This is a sampling of some of the retarded things I’ve been looking at lately. Yeah, I need to get a life.

Leading Tour de France rider Tom Boonen has been cleared “for now” by Belgian police investigating an accusation that he supplied cocaine to a cyclo-cross competitor, a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor said on Friday. Read the rest:

Good to know my man is keeping his apartment in order while he’s out of town.

Rumor has it that Tyler Hamilton has been hired by the team and that Cipollini does not like it. In fact a source has told me that Super Mario stormed out of training camp demanding that he get complete control of the team both in Europe and the US. Check it:

With pics even. Wow. Double Wow.

What We Specialize in, Underground Black and White Photography. Check the pics and the rest of their site:

Yeah, and it’s spooky as all hell too.

Martans: A Great Restaurant On San Francisco Street. Check it:

So good, I ate there twice this week.

Orwellian Liars with Their Fingers on the Button…
Read more:

These guys would all be funny and shit, if it weren’t for the fact it’s true.

The United States is so broke, its people at every level from the Federal Reserve on down don’t know whether to shit or go blind… Read more:

Kunstler only hits home run balls. That’s all he knows how to do.

They are legends passed from father to son across the NFL. The bogeymen of football. They pelt Santa with snowballs. They cheer when other team’s players get injured. Eagles fans: Love them or hate them, they are the Cadillac of NFL fans. Read more:

Yes. It is good to be King.

Before the Mitchell report, when I thought back to that night at Sully’s, it was always a happy blur of strikeouts and phone calls and cigarettes and drinks and high fives. Now there’s a shadow of a syringe, and it won’t really go away. We think the damage from the Steroids Era is about numbers, but it’s really about memories — the way we used to remember things and the way we remember them now. Read more:

Yeah yeah, word word. Drug, dope. Dope, drugs.

glassbooth connects you to the 2008 presidential candidate that represents your beliefs the best. Check out:

You know, in case you’re wondering who you “connect” with.

The skies won’t seem especially friendly to anyone taking off from Philadelphia International Airport if they notice what a suburban couple wrote on the roof of their home. “(Expletive) U FAA,” the message reads… Read more:

Good times.

And finally, we got ourselves a Super Bowl in less than a weeks time. Right here in Arizona.

The line is down to 12 points from 13.5. What, did the Giants all the sudden get better over the last week?

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7 Replies to “Monday morning link dump”

  1. Uhmmm…..I just took that test.

    Apparently I’m a Democrat.

    Damn it. Why didn’t anyone tell me. I’ve been voting Repub for 20 years.

    John Edwards all the way.

    I guess.

  2. I took the glassbooth thing too. It told me my views were best reflected in the one Republican candidate I said there was NO way I’d vote for: Huckabee! I’m having a crisis of conscience now…but it won’t last long. I’ll just vote for somebody I think can do the damn job…individual views stopped being vitally important a LONG time ago (read: lobbys have and always have had their own interests in mind and have always crushed the views of the people with the weight of $$$$$$$)

  3. ok i get it, WORK for the spinter, don’t want to get bagged in with
    bad rep. cipo is my fav spinter of all time.. back in the day his train was completed balls to the fucking wall..

  4. Ol’ Barack might want to start battening down the hatches…Hurricane Billary is about to wind up to Cat 5 with the latest news out of my neighborhood…Tony Rezco (connected with Obama already thru a LITTLE bit of shadiness) was just arrested by the Feds this morning…I wonder who the Clintons still know in the Justice Dept?

  5. We have people buying houses next to airports and complaining about the noise and trying to get the airport shut down ALL the time out here in TX. So what else is new?


  6. Didn’t Obama only bill something like 5 hours of time associated with Rezco, when he was a junior attorney in his first law firm? (I don’t recall where I heard that, so don’t hold me to it) A junior attorney takes the clients their given. Period. Hillary needs to be careful with that one, because she has just as many, if not more, shady dealings as an attorney. If all she is going to accuse Obama of is unsavory associations, then it will all get turned around on her. The Republicans never could prove anything illegal about her and Bill’s dealings either. If she turns up the rhetoric too high, she’ll just end up vetting Obama, which is fine by me since I’d rather see and Obama/Edwards ticket anyways.