Barack Obama takes South Carolina

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If I have tot said it plainly enough already: I am planning to vote for Barack Obama on February 5th.

Barack Obama’s Victory Speech in South Carolina

I’m going with Obama for a lot of reasons. One being I’m about sick and god damned tired of the Clintonistas. Really. Go back to whatever backwater you folks call home these days and leave me alone. Thanks for the memories. It’s over. It’s not you. It’s me.

And by “me” I mean “you”.

Anyway, about Ms. Clinton – I’ve been saying for months to anyone who would listen (mostly the houseplants) that Hillary Clinton would be a bad choice for the Democratic nominee simply because she would surely lose to any Rich White Guy with a pulse the Republicans could roll together out of whatever post Karl Rove refuse remains about the basements of the GOP. I’m pretty much thinking bird shit and newspaper here people. And they will tear her to pieces.

If the latest from is right, and this thing rolls Mitts way, I may have to re-think things.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has drawn even with Arizona Sen. John McCain in the Republican presidential nomination fight in Florida, the latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby telephone tracking poll shows.

That fucking assclown will put Hillary (back) in the White House faster than you can say fuzzy mormon underwear.

Good thing Obama rolling with that Rich White Guy Kryptonite!

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24 Replies to “Barack Obama takes South Carolina”

  1. My heart and mind is with Edwards. After last night he’s not looking like he has much of a chance. I know he is collecting a pretty good passle of delegates along the way and could be a kingmaker when it gets to the convention. I vote on Feb 5th too. I want to push the questionably counted touchscreen button for Mr. E but I really really dont want Hillary in the final contest so… I’ll probably be with you voting for Mr. Hope & Change. Mr. I am an executive and will surround myself with experience. Mr. I am young and Untested but likeable. But fuck man, after dubya that is just sounding all too familiar.

  2. The two are not even comparable, and edward’s lost the election for Kerry, in my book. My big question is who will be the running mate.

  3. Hillary is a steaming, oozing cunt. She gets her ass KICKED here in SC and simply blows it off like it never happened. If that bitch would have won, it would have been the equivalent of the Second Coming.
    Fuck her and that drunk fuck of a husband.

  4. M_in_SC sounds just like the racist asshole republicans that infect that state. So Bill Clinton’s now a drunk? Your post speaks for itself.

    Hillary OR Barack OR Edwards would be 1000% better than any of the goofs running on the Repug side. I personally am liking Obama more and more but will be totally behind Hillary should she win.

  5. Ya sure ya wanna be givin the DC endorsement like that, Oh yea some kennedy’s and an Opra are great, but what hopeful politician would reach an arm around such a reprobate?

  6. Barack will hammer the republican nominee because he’s been against the war with iraq since day one and all the republicans are falling over each other to say how they support the war and Bush. That will be their downfall. And the economy tanking. And people getting fucked over due to healthcare.

  7. d.d.– kerry did a great job of loosing to Shrub on his own. Give me a break people were already dissolussioned with the bastard and ready for a change. Kerry just couldnt swing it. He was a numbnuts.

    k.g.– Interseting read but so cynical. I hate to think it is true because it really represents everything that sucks about our system.

    M in SC– jeez man, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Seriously though, I can understand how someone might express that senitment for Ann Coulter afterall the hateful bile that she spues but what, I mean really, what??? did Hillary do to deserve that sort of language? I can understand why you dont like her. I dont like her. But I fail to understand why it is so OK for people to say shit like that.

  8. “The two are not even comparable, and edward’s lost the election for Kerry, in my book.”

    KERRY lost the election for Kerry. That block of wood couldn’t get excited about anything, and didn’t step up and retaliate to the Swift Boat shit. Man didn’t even defend himself and lost a lot of voters who didn’t see him as ‘leadership material’ due to his lack of passion.

    As for Hillary, she is right of center and that is NOT Democrat in my book. She is wholly owned and operated by corporate interests, that is why she will not get my vote 2-5.

    Edwards will, for many reasons, but mostly for the ones i stated here elsewhere. Clinton is a corporate whore; Obama is too ready to reach across the aisle to work with people who will without question stab him in the back.

    Edwards is the only person in the room talking about what needs to be done.

    see also :

    Instead of the bullshit “He said She said” crap, he actually addresses the issues. Nuff said.

  9. If you bunch of stupids are behind Hillary just because she’s either A)Bill Clinton’s lesbo wife or B)she’s not Bush, then you deserve her when the Democratic machine gives, that’s right, gives her the nomination.
    It has nothing to do with my political affiliation either. Who said I was a Republican? I’m actually leaning towards Obama simply because I think he will have the unique ability to bring people together from both sides of the aisle. Hillary is a devisive personality who is duplicitous at best. Do you really think she believes all of the bullshit she is spouting? She is a panderer at the pro level. She said the election isn’t about race, but she seems to be popping up at a lot of black churches…curious. Hillary is not the centrist she wants you to believe she is. She’s a left winger is there ever was one. Borderline socialist. Mark my words, if she somehow gets elected, NOTHING will get done in the Oval Office except another President on a powertrip, lining their pockets.
    Search youtube for her interview with Tyra Banks. Tyra asked her what her first thought was when Bill admitted to cheating on her. She said she thought about what was best for her. She never mentioned family, friends, mom, dad, the relationship,etc…! She was worried about her political career. Divorcing Bill would have been political suicide and she knew it. If should would have done what was best for her, she’d have packed her shit and booked it, like most smart, strong women would do.
    Think long and hard about it when you pull the lever for Hillary. Things aren’t always what they seem.

  10. sorelegs; well put couldn’t agree more on all your points. To hate some of these candidates that bad, kind of shows how alot of americans have become, for some reason. I will be at the Idaho caucus, hoping Obama can pull it off myself.

  11. I think Hillary disappearing and letting Bill give the speech after SC will be seen as the end of her campaign. The only thing worse than crying after a setback like that is running away and letting someone else handle it. If Hillary wins the primary, the Republicans aren’t even going to have to try. They’ll just have to keep replaying the “vast right-wing conspiracy” soundbyte.

  12. The republicans are praying Hillary gets the nod, but I doubt they really think they can win this one. They are already thinking about 2012. The troops are demoralized the party is fracturing between the religious conservatives and the business conservatives. Hillary is just what they need to bring those sides back together, since both sides hate her more than anything. They can spend the next four years rallying the troops and take back not just the White House (Newt?), but one (or both) houses of congress. By that time we will still be in Iraq and the Republicans can start blaming the Dems for the enormous amount of deficit spending that began under Bush. Also, the Dems have been in power long enough to start feeding at the lobbyist/bribery trough, and there will surely be a scandal or two.

  13. M in SC, why don’t you read what other people have written? I don’t see one post in this thread were anyone was supporting Hillary. I think everyone who’s posted here has at least some frustration with all of the candidates, the entire process in general, and Hillary most of all (speaking just of the Dems.) They weren’t busting you for your stance they were calling you out for having the vitriol turned up to 11. I don’t like her and I hope she’s not the Dem. nominee, but I will sure as shit vote for her over ANY of the Republican candidates. I’ve said it before, I’m unsure if this election is about change, but I am sure this election is about triage.

  14. M in SC you seem like a normally bight guy, but I think you are missing something here when you say:
    ” If you bunch of stupids are behind Hillary just because she’s either A)Bill Clinton’s lesbo wife or B)she’s not Bush, then you deserve her when the Democratic machine gives, that’s right, gives her the nomination.”

    Either that or you are blowing off my question which is fine… I’ve got to point out; Aint nobody here advocating a vote for Hillary that I can see. I agree with everything you said below that quote. So if all that blah blah blah was the answer to why you choose to say such ugly shite, you might want to look into an anger management class or something.

  15. Sorelegs, can you smuggle a case into Texas? Oh, how I miss the Boont and the Hop Ottin’… Stupid Texas ABC and their stupid rules… AVBC is one of the two best breweries in world (the other being Deschutes in Bend, OR) Peace.

  16. “I think he can bring jesus back like george w promised us”


    It’s way too early in the morning to scare me like that.

    Jesus can stay in the local church like he belongs.