Biker Down: Brian Paul Keffer

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From: Brendan
Subject: hit & run driver caught, Washington PA
Yo jonny, long time reader here, thought I’d pass this on.

Bad news is a teammate was injured in a hit & run on Friday, good news is that the SOB was caught. Always gives the kiddies a warm tingly when someone is held responsible. The info is as follows from the rider’s (BK) old lady:

BK was involved in a hit & run accident Friday afternoon. Apparently, he was near home at the end of a training ride when a 35 year old woman speeding at 60 mph+ clipped him from behind. She just kept on driving, but luckily the driver behind got her license plate number. The police caught her half an hour later after she banged up a couple of parked cars. She was tested and found under the influence of drugs and there were drugs in her

BK is in good spirits, I talked to him today, and is scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow to repair his wrist which is fairly banged up.

He has a broken bone in one arm and the damaged wrist on the other. He also has a broken leg that will need a rod installed. Pretty grim.

He is a little upset because he has been training hard, and was really looking forward to the upcoming road season.

There is an article up with more info here:

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    Eh. She’d probably like that.

    The rack ?? Naw….too British. Water dripping ?? Naw…too Chinese.

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