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Must be the blue grass…

A would-be robber accused of wrapping his head in duct tape to hide his identity found himself in a sticky spot when a liquor store employee tackled and held him until police arrived.

…a western Kentucky public school teacher got into trouble when she allegedly sent text messages asking to buy marijuana to the wrong cell-phone address.

…a man wearing a ski mask held up an Ashland ice cream store with a chrome-plated stapler.

Twenty minutes you’ll never get back.

From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. Check it:

Lager. I want to swim laps in thee.

Lager has long been considered the beverage of choice to accompany a curry but with the range of premium lagers now available, many reputable restaurants have beer lists and beer sommeliers too. From the initial brew created by the Benedictine Monks in the Middle Ages, lager has come a long way and its popularity is on the rise. Check it:

Tucson is fucking crazy.

An intoxicated female entered the residence of a couple she didn’t know and accused the male of being a child molester, according to a Pima County Sheriff’s Department report.

Police were called to the couple’s location and found a disorderly young woman shoving the man of the household toward them and yelling, “He’s a child molester! Get him!”

The couple reported that earlier that night, they had heard a knock on the door and opened it, believing the knocker to be their niece. The inebriated female who entered–not their niece–proceeded to lie on their couch and yell profanities whenever she was asked if she was OK.

…Law enforcement was dispatched to a trailer park after a young woman called to report a kidnapping by a resident. While deputies were at the scene, the suspect pulled up in his vehicle and was handcuffed at gunpoint. Deputies soon found that he had a warrant for his arrest from an unrelated incident. The suspect insisted that the warrant had been quashed and that he had the paperwork in his trailer to prove this. He directed deputies to search inside.

Immediately upon entering the residence, deputies reportedly saw a large pile of marijuana on the kitchen table. They informed the suspect that the papers were not in the kitchen, at which point he led them inside his bedroom, pointing to the area near his bedside table. There, instead of papers, deputies found multiple glass pipes used for smoking cocaine, as well as multiple marijuana pipes and a baggy containing a green, leafy substance.

Eventually, the paperwork was found, and it indeed showed that the suspect’s warrant had been quashed.

The suspect was not arrested for kidnapping, since no evidence was found that he had committed that crime. However, he was taken to jail for several counts of drug possession. Check it:

And finally..

What is NUDAR?
NUDAR is “radar” for strip clubs and nudity. Our goal is to locate every public place and event where you can find naked hotties across the globe – and we need your help! Check it:


How did I ever make it in this world without you?

[slip of the tounge]
[79,000 ways to open beers]

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6 Replies to “Link Dump”

  1. Im getting tried of this kinda shit, when are people going to grow the fuck up and drive right if behind the fuckin wheel of a 2ton death machine.. whats the diffrence i-crack-usa, when this
    happens in the ” land of the free ”

    Police, victim on lookout for road rage attacker

    Posted by Jonathan Maus (Editor) on January 22nd, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    “…he jumped out of his truck and ran at me with a baseball bat.”
    –Man who was attacked while riding his bike

    Yesterday afternoon, while riding their bike in Northwest Portland, a man was threatened with a baseball bat and punched in the face in front of shocked onlookers by an unidentified man driving a royal-blue Hummer H2.

    The victim has now posted to Craigslist in an effort to find the attacker and bring him to justice. Here’s a snip from that post:

  2. I fully support the statement about Tucson being crazy. Many years ago when I was living down there my next door neighbors arms were found in a dumpster downtown. They never found the rest of her…………I packed my shit and left not too long after that.

  3. Just watched the story of stuff… Ok, so we all have adult attention spans and can sit still for 20 minutes to learn something. What about the other 90 bazillion assholes out there that can’t sit still long enough to read one article in the newspaper?

    It’s coming kids, and it is pissed off.