South of the Border: Part Dos

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From: Pistol Pete
Subject: Re: Keep an eye out
Just back from La Manzanilla. Bussed over and I’ll take’r. I’m payed up in Melaque til Thursday morning,then prolly back to LM.

It’s quiet there and WAY less geezers. Extensive trails into mangrove goodness. Also crocs, plus chicks-just laying on the beach! Kinda like seashells but cuter. Met some Mexihippy runs a beach camp. 30 pesos a day with the works, shade, shitter and fresh water to rinse your salty ass. Plus some bike tour folks camped there. Met the chicken in passing. They cruising extracycles, bless they hearts. Hitched back with some beach vendors in the back of they truck¡!¡!¡! Yes indeedy. Hit one tope so unexpectedly I was launched up even with the sides of the truckbed. Do not fuck with your hat while riding with Indios from the Sierra! It wasn’t really all that bad, plus I saved 11 pesos busfare!

I’ve been riding for shit. Too sickly and punky. ¡DO NOT EAT POISON SALADS! Gonna set that straight tomorrow. Go to bed early, get up early and pack a lunch. They’s a two-track I been eyeballin’ for a while now MUST go to water. It heads up into the farther edges of a swampybottom canyon, but looks like it holds the shoulder of the hills. I’s goin’ SWIMMIN’ with COCODRILOS! Or bust… I hope you all are cold and miserable. I wish you were here with me,warm and happy…
see you later, Pistol

We all wish we were there.

This was my back porch, two weeks ago, on the morning of the 9th. A little less snow now, but still complete lameness.

Pistol, you are living the good life.

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2 Replies to “South of the Border: Part Dos”

  1. “This was my back porch, two weeks ago, on the morning
    of the 9th. A little less snow now, but still complete lameness.”

    YGTBSM. Not a skier?

  2. I remember those times of heading south for winter, of leaving behind desolate winter wonderland, of doing nothing but pedaling around latin countries in search of, well, nothing, and of course the Pisco. Goddammit, I hate the snow and growing up.