Marion Jones gets six months

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I didn’t have a chance to write about this last night as I went with company, beer and pizza instead. Pretty much in that order.

Yesterday, justice was served.

Olympian athlete Marion Jones was sentenced today to six months in prison for lying about using steroids and for lying about her knowledge of a check-fraud scheme, involving Tim Montgomery (father of her son), her agent Charles Wells and former coach Steve Riddick, all three have already been convicted in a scheme to cash millions of dollars worth of stolen or forged checks. “I ask you to be as merciful as a human being can be,” Marion Jones told the judge, pleading not to be separated from her kids, but the mercy of the court extended as far as six months behind bars. Source:

The truths a bitch ain’t it?

Jones admitted in court that from September 2000 until July 2001, her former trainer, Trevor Graham, had given her a substance he told her was flaxseed oil.

When she stopped training with him in 2001, she said she realized it had been a performance-enhancing drug. By the time she was interviewed in the Balco investigation in November 2003, Ms. Jones said, she knew it was the designer steroid THG, known as the clear. But she had denied recognizing the substance and denied taking it in that Balco interview. Source:

First the “clear” and now a “scheme to cash millions of dollars worth of stolen or forged checks”? Good looking out. What’s next? Gonna become a pen pal with O.J. with all that “me” time you got coming up?

A quick aside: As I kitted up for a little man-on-machine love out in the garage this morning, I realized that I just have got to get me some of that fabled flaxseed oil.

Shit is the apparently the bomb, yo.

And, in case any of you are wondering (and I kinda hope you weren’t), when I squeezed into a pair of lycra shorts, I pretty much looked like Andy Reid.

Back to Jones. Her troubles are way more fun than the size of my ass. Which, if it were a state, it would be Texas.

THE Australian Olympic Committee has applauded the jailing of disgraced American sprinter Marion Jones, saying it sends a clear message to drug cheats in the lead-up to this year’s Beijing Olympics.

AOC spokesman Mike Tancred said Jones had brought dishonour to herself, her family and her sport and did not deserve sympathy.

“She will not be remembered as the star of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She will just be remembered as a drug cheat,” Tancred said.

“We feel sorry for the drug-free athletes who raced against Marion Jones. They raced in the true Olympic spirit and she has deceived them. She’s the new Ben Johnson.”

Oh snap!

First email on the subject:

From: Rich
Subject: Slammer Time for Jones
Woah, Marion Jones will be spending 6 months in prison for perjury (not doping). Until I realized which crime she was being charged for, I thought it might be a milestone in anti-doping efforts. Now, I think it just sucks for Marion Jones.

And hey, I’ve been totally digging – “Bike Advocacy in High Heels”. I think the DC angle (girls showing some skin while near – or possibly thinking about – bicycles) is a little weak during these winter months, but they’re still purty. If you can’t wait for spring, there’s always the archive.

–Rich in Fort Collins

I am 100% down with Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Even if I can’t tell you what that means exactly. All I can say it sure looks good from where I’m standing. Even though I’m sitting.

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20 Replies to “Marion Jones gets six months”

  1. An athelte they interviewed on NPR said that the real questions is when will atheltes get time for doping rahter than time for lying about doping…. Only then will there be a strong disinsentive to dope.

  2. ^^^^^^^^

    Ya mon. If I can get tossed in the slammer with a bunk mate named Bubba for having coke/crack/whatever in me, it should apply to them as well.

  3. Hey BJ,

    To see if your ass is really as fat as you say, just apply to the USPS for your own vanity zip code.

    Then we’ll have a contest here to come up with the best combination of 4 letters.

    Winner gets a free DC shirt and a notarized promise from you to never show your balls in public again.

    ha ha

  4. I was watching Breaking Away yesterday and was struck by the scene in which the Italians crash out our young hero. Right after he comes home crying and tells his father No on told me everyone cheats. They all do it. He wasn’t talking about just racing he was talking about life and apologizing for making his father give back money on a car he had sold. Perhaps allof the indignant people need to watch the movie.

  5. Sorry, if the peloton was full of black women, fines and suspensions would be rife. but the double standard is still just that….Marion Jones should still have known better, and I’m not saying she shouldn’t have gotten time, but if she weren’t black do you really think the penalty would have been the same?. Oh unless she needed painkillers that is, then doctors would have been reluctant to give her those

  6. How come dopers don’t get jail time? They are using illegal drugs right? So wouldn’t it be like busting a crack head or something like that? I mean if you can get tossed into the pokey for smoking dope, if you’re taking EPO from ol Mexico, I’d think they could throw you in the clink just as well.

  7. When is Chris Carmichael going to get some jail time for injecting Juniors with prescription drugs?


    I ask you?

    It’s a LOT about the doctors, the trainers, and pretend trainers (had to make a category for Mr. Carmichael).

  8. I know Greg Strock. Carmichael settled out of court for the tune of about $20k to not be named in the USA Cycling lawsuit. Lance HAD to be doping to win 7 with this dope “coaching” him.

  9. We need someone to go under cover. Mission Impossible kind of thing. Get all the evidence needed to crash this party.

    I’d volunteer but the odds of my 43 year old arse getting on a pro team are about the same I’d have sticking a rocket up my ass, lighting it and blasting my way to the moon.

    I nominate bikepunk.

    Que the music

  10. Let me see if I have this right:

    1) Marion Jones has been dogged for a while with rumors of doping and impropriety.

    2) At a point when her career is about to flatline, she admits to doping.

    3) Not only do her 5 Olympic medals get taken away, but the medals of her relay teammates are still in question. The IOC may rule to have those disqualified since one part of the team was juiced.

    4)Her “illustrated” autobiography was published on July 8th, 2004 for the suggested retail price of $24.95 ( If you hurry, you might be able to get it for a penny on Amazon.

    In a best case scenario, she’ll get raped, shanked, and raped some more in the prison shower. By the prison chaplain. She should suffer a grand level of agony for a whole host of reasons, the least of which is the vast number of trees that had to die so she could get one last “Fuck You” to the people that supported her and to the number of fans who believed in her.

    I’m supposed to give a dry shit about a bitch who confesses to crimes and perjury stemming from her part in a check-counterfiting scheme and lying about her steroid use when even Stevie Wonder could see that her career is over? God, I sometimes wish we had the Saudi system of justice.

  11. Guys-

    I see the point as pretty simple: counterfeiting millions of dollars worth of checks amounts to a sophisticated criminal conspiracy.

    Jail time, yo.


  12. “I thought that rant was just a Public Service Message about not dropping acid.”

    Hey! Be nice.

  13. I hope this doesnt lead her to the other needle. I hope she dont start dancing or trick’n

  14. …”dude, i roll 38 this year. not gonna happen. any volunteers?”…

    …hell, i got 20 years on ya & i’m thinkin’ about it cuz my trainer’s been giving me this stuff called “the shit”…told me it’s just vitamins & minerals n’ such…never occurred to me to look a gift horse in the mouth, just cuz i can do ‘impossible’ stuff…

    …gotta go, i feel so good, i’m gonna ride another hundred miles after lunch (an apple) & then i gotta do sprint training…