Six-Month Sentence for Jones Meant to Be Message

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Attention lying dopers:

The former track star Marion Jones’s tearful courtroom plea to avoid jail was denied Friday by a federal judge who said her sentence should serve as a deterrent for others who may lie to federal agents, and Jones was sentenced to six months in prison for pleading guilty to two counts of perjury.

…“I want people to think twice before lying,” Karas said. “I want to make them realize no one is above the law.”

Jones pleaded guilty in October to lying to federal agents in two separate investigations, a bank-fraud case being prosecuted out of New York and the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative case in Northern California involving performance-enhancing drugs.

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16 Replies to “Six-Month Sentence for Jones Meant to Be Message”

  1. Well. No.

    A lying doper and a lying doper/check kiter ain’t the same eh ?

    If she doped alone, I doubt very much she’d have gotten any jail time.

  2. Nobody, including Jones/Bonds/Lance/random crackheads should be incarcerated for using the dope. That’s just a waste of tax $.

    Incarceration for the perjury & scamming, sure, but dope should be a matter between athletes & their respective sports governing body, or said junkie and their dealer.

  3. You are right. It is a waste of tax dollars. But as long as stoners, trippers, and crackheads are gong to jail…they might as well too. At least the General using public is not lying their ass off to the world.

  4. Fuck roger Clemens and fuck Floyd Landis too

    I love this quote. Not only are these athletes conditioned to cheat they are conditioned to lie.

    …“I want people to think twice before lying,” Karas said. “I want to make them realize no one is above the law.”

  5. …“I want people to think twice before lying,” Karas said. “I want to make them realize no one is above the law.”

    …except for George W. And it trickles down from there…

  6. Jones made an example of, the african-american female was the logical choice; keep the citizens occupied while they roll the flag-draped coffins back in, on unlisted cargo flights. They dont give a shit, in 5 years GHT will probably be a supplement added into red bull…but then again, what the fuck do i know.

  7. Is lying acceptable in our world? I think people believe what they want to hear:
    “we dont torture”
    “the proof could come in the form of a mushroom cloud”
    “I was thinking about doping”
    “i did not have sex with that woman”
    “I have never tested positive…”
    name your favorite lie.

  8. Guys-

    Bottom line: “professional sports” has become an oxymoron. The “pros” are not sportsmen– they are paid entertainers. The “sports” are amateurs, playing (hopefully mostly) because they enjoy it.

    I fell off the “ball and stick” sports bandwagon years ago- I never forgave MLB for striking. Jesus H. Christ, I’d have given my left nut to play in those parks one season for minimum wage. Yeah, the owners are chiseling assholes, milking the naive public for billions in easy money. Nowadays, so are their players.

    And the Olympics? No thanks. You can probably test positive by simply touching something in the athletes village.

    Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to admire the hard men even in the “fringe” sports… like cycling. Sigh.


  9. …sorelegs is quite right…people DO hear what they want to hear…both advertising & politics (using advertising techniques) exploits that fact constantly…

    …which all ties in w/ what mikey is saying about sports as entertainment & consumerism…as a result, general retail business has taken it’s lead from the sports model & everything has to be bigger, faster, louder, better in our lives…accepting anything w/out looking for more, up the road is seen as a weakness…god forbid something works well, does what it’s supposed to do properly w/in sensible economic constraints…
    …”we have a new improved model on the drawing board & we’ll force you to love it whether it makes sense or not”…
    …”remember, we can’t sell that new improved model w/out your co-operation, folks, so buy, buy, buy cuz we’re really all about our profits”…

    …personally, i find nothing wrong w/ consumerism but so many folks are clue nada, when it comes right down to it & ultimately buy into nonsupporting ‘trends’ & ‘concepts’…

    …over the years, various communist governments throughout the world, have exploited ‘disinformation’ to their advantage…well, they’ve got nothing on good old american advertising…whether it’s sports, politics or plain old consumerism…

    …again, i’d venture to say that most people on this sight, whether their views are diametrically opposed or not, are at least willing to think for themselves, thank god & that is very different from ‘hearing what you want to hear’…

    …oh, ya, marion jones…well baby, if your gonna be a roll model for youth, then you gotta complete your roll…SLAM…

  10. Just an embellishment on bikesgonewild’s commentary. It’s runs much deeper than just consumerism and the planned obsolescence juggernaut that our society revolves around.

    Q:What is the common denominator between Lance and Marion Jones?

    A: NIKE.

    Cash is King! You bought it, Toyota! hook, line and sinker.

    It’s all about perception, what the hucksters and ad men want you to believe in, obsess over and dream about, so you buy more, insuring their monopoly in market share, profits and ultimately the growth of their companies. The more money a company has, the
    greater the gestalt, the Utopian dream that says “I gots to have

    So remember that the next time you go into your local “chain” owned coffee shop that begins with “S” and dream about opening one up yourself. Or think hanking a shingle and building custom steel bikes for a living as some asshole rides by on a plastic Trek. It’s the likes of Lance, and Marian Jones that are the pons of the corporations that sponsor them. We are talking about
    “serious” money here folks!…. Not only are they being exploited, so are you, the consumer. In more ways than one…..

  11. Call it what you will, but i’m really sick of this whole “deterrent” platform for serving due punishment. they either deserve it or not. i just don’t think that Prevention of having to use the justice “system” should have a damn thing to do with the way the “justice” system fulfills its purpose. Take a look at the raised quota for border arrests in order to “deter” other poor, desperate fucks from getting their slice. justice is not being served unless it is being served fairly upon all lawbreakers. whatever. i lick.

  12. For her part in a check counterfitting scandal, she absofuckinglutely deserves to go to prison. Do not pass GO, do not shoot up artificial nut juice, do not collect $200.

    For her part in lying off her fucking ass to her publisher, her literary agents, and anybody else who bought her book, she deserves to be mercilessly humiliated to the point where her immediate family has to change their friggin names.

    For constructing a web of deceit, chicanery, and bullshit longer than the Bush Administration, she deserves to be bitch slapped, put into the stocks & pillories, and used as urinal cake.