Read Every Line

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Just a heads up for anyone wishing to book travel arrangements through Expedia during the holidays…read every line in booking process.  In reserving a room in the “Rate Details” page, please read section 3 “Review the rules and restrictions “, because the last sentence here is the non-refundable sentence. It is obviously above section 4 where you proceed to book the reservation. It may seem common sense, but this is the last time you will see the word non-refundable until after your credit card has been charged. You will not see it on the next page when agreeing to pay the fee. This was not always the case with Expedia. If you do book and need to change the reservation, rest at ease as Expedia only requires a family death or Interstate closure to oblige its travelers with a schedule change.

Tip: If you find a good deal online, call the hotel and ask them to match the offer. That way you are now working with a human who will work with you.

So Merry Christmas, travel safe, and stay on schedule.

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4 Replies to “Read Every Line”

  1. I still owe some asshole Travelodge hotel clerk a beating for charging me for a night that I didn’t stay there … because somewhere on their dumbass friggin’ web site it said first night is non-refundable.

    Oh yeah … where’s the mountain bikes and tits d00d ?!?!?!?!?!?