Doped Mentality For Sport and Beyond

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Got this…society_on_steroids
from Lofty Goat. This illustrates how damaging the public’s general lack of reflective thought can be, and how this has allowed not only the corruption of our National baby (baseball) but of matters far more reaching.

You can also check out a video from the link above.

Expert here:

In our drugged state, we cheer the winners in the game of wealth, the billionaires who benefit from a skewed financial system — the losers, we kick down the stairs. We open fire hoses of cash into our political system in the name of “free speech.” Television stations that refuse to cover government make fortunes selling political bromides over public airwaves. Pornography passing as advertising assaults our senses, seduces our children, and pollutes our culture. Partisan propaganda gets pumped up as news. We feed on the flamboyance of celebrities. And we actually take seriously the Elmer Gantrys who use the Christian Gospel as a guidebook to an Iowa caucus or a battle plan for the Middle East. In the face of a scandalous health care system, failing schools, and a fraudulent endless war, we are as docile as tattered scarecrows in a field of rotten tomatoes.

As for that war, you may have heard that a quarter of the heavily-armed ‘shooters’ working in the streets of Baghdad for the Administration’s mercenary Blackwater foreign legion are alleged to be chemically influenced by steroids or other mind-altering substances.

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3 Replies to “Doped Mentality For Sport and Beyond”

  1. The methodist minister from Marshal is lame when he talks aesthetics or philosophy, but square on A440 when hits politics.

  2. …”the day when cutting corners & seeking an edge become the national pastime—is the day democracy will be lucky even to find a seat in the bleachers”…quote by the generally erudite bill moyers…

    …hell, mr moyers, the true spirit of democracy is outside the ballpark along w/ the kids like us who managed to find a peephole in the fence…all the while the present form of manufactured democracy sits front & center in a private stadium box owned by big business / special interests, in other words, the government, who dictate to those privileged enough to find a seat, how the game will be played & appreciated…

    …the old hoover-ian saw, “a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage” has been surpassed to the point where the majority of us are surrounded by so much gadgetry, we don’t want to look that particular gift horse in the mouth…
    …there is a general malaise that is endemic of our habits as a society…”i’ve got mine & the chance to get more, so by god, why should i closely examine or question a government that allows me that freedom”…it’s hard to condemn, but unfortunately an environment has been created that is ripe for the kinds of actions that are perpetrated in the name of democracy…

    …i would dare say, the spirit of ‘goodness’ of many americans is also played upon…a lot of folks, the same people oft referred to in these posts as sheep, those who don’t take the time to examine the motives of our governments actions, are ‘good-hearted’ by nature & that fact is exploited by our administrative powers…they blindly follow because they are willing to believe their politicians, clergy & administrators have the public good in mind…

    …anyway, there are a lot of astute DC posters who are much better versed in the actual machinations & details of our business & government practices, but i felt the need to comment on the trend pointed out by mr moyers…

  3. Snip:
    In the face of a scandalous health care system, failing schools, and a fraudulent endless war, we are as docile as tattered scarecrows in a field of rotten tomatoes.

    Such a great quote.
    So refreshing to hear a voice like that in these crazy times.

    Bill Moyers is a national treasure.

    If you like this piece check out his podcast. Great for an hour of base trainer time everyweek.